Ozine Fest Anime Toy Figure Sale Event Lists Guest PH VTubers

Elaine, Mari Tesu, Eeya Mahalia and V Deianira are set to appear during the weekend event.

Ozine Fest Anime Toy Figure Sale, happening on the weekend of September 24-25, 2022 at Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, announced that it will have guest VTubers based in the Philippines.

The guest VTubers announced are Elaine from KoMETA Virtual Live, Mari Tesu and Eeya Mahalia from MITO Entertainment and V Deianira from IkasuLive.

NewsDrop has a full recording of the interview, which you can watch on YouTube.

Virtual Diva Elaine from KoMETA enjoys a 10,000-subscriber base on her YouTube channel, with her videos viewed over 180,000 times. As KoMETA's flagship VTuber, she released her original song "Starlit Ride" in December 2021.

As of June 2023, KoMETA Virtual Live has no existing talents in their operations.

MITO talents Mari, a character inspired by Filipino mythological creature the mananaggal; and Eeya, based on the moon-eating bakunawa, both stream a variety of content on Twitch.

V Deianira from IkasuLive streams a variety of games on YouTube, such as Overwatch, Tetris 99, Elden Ring, and most recently, Devil May Cry 3.

Ozine Fest (pronounced Oh-zeen) is a long-running event series based in the Philippines, organized by the team behind Otakuzine Anime Magazine.

The said organizer hosted Hong Kong-based cosplayers Hanari and Toto for its Otaku Expo Tanabata Festival. NewsDrop interviewed Hanari, recognized by Hololive's Akai Haato, about her fascination with VTubers.