Pomu Rainpuff’s 3D Debut Rounds Out Hyped Nijisanji EN Relay

Pomu Rainpuff finally debuted her 3D outfit, ending the first Nijisanji EN relay for Lazulight, with more than 30,000 pomudachi tuning in.

It might have taken months to get to this point, but Nijisanji EN's first wave, Lazulight, now has all of their 3D forms out to the world.

After Elira Pendora started the debut relay two weeks ago, Pomu Rainpuff did the last dash with the baton on January 27 with a one-hour stream enjoyed by all. And of course, it had to open with a Metal Gear reference.

She wasn't alone. Pomu had plenty of guests phone in to share the excitement with her, both in and out of Nijisanji. Amano Pikamee led the collabs, forcing the fairy to drop and give five pushups. Millie Parfait and Luca Kaneshiro reunited the MLP trio, while Selen Tatsuki and Nina Kosaka kept Pomu on her toes by testing the limits of her newfound 3D axis.

It was Takanashi Kiara’s cameo that stole the show though, with the Hololive star reuniting with her fae friend in Nijisanji.

The stream was rounded out alongside genmates Finana Ryugu and Elira Pendora. There were plenty of jokes and banter, but even more emotions at the end of a long month of debuts ⁠— three months after their NijiFes 2022 reveals were canceled.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Pomu wrote in her ending letter. “I can only have so much fun every day from your support! I am so grateful!

I’ll keep doing my best every day to make you proud. Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Pomu’s 3D debut peaked at 34,000 viewers, according to VStats, with an average just shy of 30,000 sticking around for the full hour-long package.

Speaking of Finana and Elira, their 3D debuts also saw a similar amount of success. Elira’s was much more chilled out—fitting with her personality—while you can imagine the amount of chaos happening with the Feesh.

More Nijisanji EN 3D outfits are expected to be revealed ahead of the group’s first major event, the Colors Live AR concert in April. Nineteen members of the branch will be performing in 3D—all of the first five waves minus Fulgur Ovid (due to illness) and the graduated Yugo Asuma.

Make sure to watch the 3D debut stream in full to hear Pomu's new original song Fairy of AKIBerse.

Banner Photo: Pomu Rainpuff on YouTube