Pomu Rainpuff-Takanashi Kiara VR Collab Set

PomuTori fans are rejoicing after the schedule for the much-awaited collab between

The dream inter-agency collaboration between Hololive English's Takanashi Kiara and Nijisanji EN's Pomu Rainpuff is finally set. Takanashi released her schedule for this week on Twitter which includes the schedule for her collab with Pomu—a VR stream set for Saturday, October 22 at 4:00pm EST.

Hololive's Phoenix added that the planned stream will 'most likely' have two points-of-view, streamed on their respective YouTube channels simultaneously; and that they are going to sing as well.

Pomu Rainpuff and Takanashi Kiara are set to do a VR collab on October 22 Eastern Time. (Assets: © ANYCOLOR/NIJISANJI · © 2016 COVER Corp / NewsDrop Composite)

Both VTubers are known for their common ground in Japanese idols—Pomu has taught viewers how to do the MIX or fan chants in idol concerts, and Kiara goes at length to talk about Japanese idols and its culture.

The much-awaited PomuTori collaboration comes after Holostars English's Regis Altare and Nijisanji EN's Alban Knox concluded their successful Terraria stream with 70,000 views and counting.

How to Watch the PomuTori Collab