PRISM Project 5th Generation Talents Announced

Three talents selected from the agency's 2022 General Audition set to debut Friday, April 28.

As of April 2024, PRISM Project no longer operates as a VTuber agency. The original story continues below.

PRISM Project, one of the VTuber groups under the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) umbrella, has revealed its 5th Generation talents who will debut this April 28, Friday.

Meet the 5th Generation PRISM Agents

Nature-lover Ami Amami, sentient cybernetic Kou Tsubame, and easy-going former empress Lana Shikami will join 12 other PRISM Agents (talents) in their goal of creating "a world where all people on Earth can find something they love and feel happiness every single day."

Nature-lover Ami Amami

Ami Amami (雨海あみ) was inspired by a book about the Earth's the four seasons to seek the planet, having been born in a planet without it. Her first experience on Earth moved her to spread love for nature and the beauty of the four seasons through the power of songs.

Her goal is to "teach the world that things aren’t so bad if you change your perspective." She likes idols, anisongs, and forbidden foods—it is not confirmed if she does idol calls and mixes.

Sentient Cybernetic Kou Tsubame

Kou Tsubame (燕こう) hails from the far future, where she works hard and long doing menial labor as a mindless, robotic construct—that is until she got struck by lightning one day. The lightning warped her mind and circuits, reconstructing her into society's first fully sentient cybernetic being with a one-of-a-kind personality.

She aims to "show the world that all emotions, good and bad, are beautiful and give meaning to life."

Former Empress Lana Shikami

Lana Shikami (獅守ラナ) left the life of an empress—revered with great respect by her loyal subjects as an avatar of the sun—for a slow life in the countryside. The former empress from a far-future society carries her powerful, magical voice to people of Earth, showing appreciation to its people for the kindness and friendship they brought to her. She looks forward to "captivate the world with her voice."

Talents Selected from Historic 2022 General Audition

PRISM's 2022 General Audition, where the three new talents were selected from, saw the largest number of applicants in its history. Evaluators checked which applicants have the potential to push the boundaries of what virtual talents can achieve in both online and offline segments of the entertainment industry.

The project's producer who goes by the name of Shogun is confident that the new talents—the first set of PRISM Agents acquired after partnering with Sony Music Japan—are ready to meet and entertain their fans.

"At PRISM Project, we intend to utilize all the resources of the worldwide Sony Music Group to provide both online and offline career opportunities to our talents.

"Within the virtual talent space, there are countless incredibly gifted performers who have both the skills and the drive necessary to succeed both in the classic sense as VTubers, but also in traditionally offline business spaces such as the voice acting and musical artist industries, in which we at Sony Music have over fifty-five years of experience.

"With the addition of Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, and Lana Shikami, PRISM Project is honored to accept three incredible performers who have shown an above-and-beyond motivation and ambition to join the global ranks of Sony Music talents and artists, and who we are confident will quickly endear themselves to the virtual talent fandom for their unlimited energy, passion, and integrity as entertainment professionals."

Debut Relay Schedule

PRISM Project's 5th Generation will debut on April 28, Friday starting 7:00pm US Pacific Time (April 29, Saturday, 11:00am Japan time):

  • 7:00 PM – Ami Amami
  • 8:00 PM – Kou Tsubame
  • 9:00 PM – Lana Shikami

At the start of the month, PRISM participated in April Fools' Day with their web game PRISM Portal Panic, a reversed take on time survival game Vampire Survivors.

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