PRISM Project Agents Collaborate with Voice Actress (and now VTuber) Shu Uchida

What led the voice actress to have her own VTuber model?—Plus some important points to know

PRISM Project agents Sara Nagare and Rita Kamishiro welcome their guest voice actress Shu Uchida in a milestone collaboration stream last Friday, March 10 Japan time.

The voice actress, who recently debuted her VTuber model last January 21 under the name of Siyu, answered questions from the PRISM agents. Here are the important things you need to know from this collab:

  1. People did not expect Siyu to have a VTuber model: "[...] I don't think people are expecting me to get like a VTuber avatar for myself, so I think everyone was surprised by that [...]"
  2. Siyu, as a voice actress, really had fun acting as Fujiwara from Asobi Asobase: "That was a really fun role to act out because [...] she has a really different voice from my natural voice [...]"
  3. A revelation from Siyu: "There's one thing I realized when I came to Japan—this sounds really weird—but Vegemite, and Natto and Cheese go really well together. It tastes really nice."
  4. The voice actress found VTubing after she had her YouTube debut: "[...] Why not make like an avatar that can move with me and be on stage for me? [...]"

Watch the full stream on Sara Nagare's channel, where everyone gets to know more about Australia and its culture, as well as the voice acting culture in Japan:

Shu Uchida has played roles such as Warspite, Ark Royal, Gambier Bay, Perth, and Mikura (Kantai Collection), Laura Bradley (D4DJ), Mia Taylor (Love Live! Nijigasaki School Idol Club) and Hatori Shikishima (Alice & Zoroku).

This is not the first time voice talents ventured into VTubing: