PRISM Project’s Naki Kamizuki Gets YouTube Channel Terminated Temporarily

Her channel is now restored after almost seven hours.

Naki Kamizuki, a VTuber from PRISM Project, has announced that her YouTube channel was terminated for no reason. The channel termination follows after Naki did a watch-along for the first three episodes of the anime series Fuuto Pi, albeit she has reasoned that she hasn’t shown anything on screen when her channel was terminated.

Following the incident, PRISM Project has stated that they are investigating YouTube’s actions regarding the channel termination, and rest assured that they will provide more information in the following days.

Putting humor regarding the situation, Naki joked that the reason for her channel to get terminated was due to her showing her thighs on stream.

The channel is now restored after almost seven hours, but she has postponed her book club stream until they hear feedback from YouTube regarding this matter.

Naki Kamizuki is part of PRISM Project’s fourth generation, alongside Sara Nagare, Sumi Ushio and Non Anon. She debuted on November 13, 2021, and has recently celebrated her birthday on August 13.

PRISM Project has also stated that orders for Naki’s birthday merchandise and voice pack will be only available up until next week.