Project Verses Debuts Prelude Generation on May 18

Meet three new VTubers on their debut Saturday, May 18

Upcoming Singaporean agency Project Verses announce the debut of its first generation talents under the Prelude generation – Fionna fon Engels, Riyu The Lamb and partnered affiliate Saya Kenbishi – on Saturday, May 18 starting 8:00 pm CT / 6:00pm PDT / 9:00pm EDT.

The Voices, as talents in Project Verses will be refered to, are described as follows:

Fionna fon Engels

  • Fionna is a dedicated and fearsome commander overseeing a squad of holy knights serving the Kingdom of Aurelia, an intellectual creator who wants to try her best in voicework.
  • She describe herself as "50% angel, 50% human, 100% workaholic." "If you catch me being downbad in a pretty girl's replies no you didn't," her pinned tweet says.

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Riyu The Lamb

  • Riyu came from another world. As a lost curious lamb, she somehow found herself transported into the Kingdom of Aurelia who felt right at home with her genmates, whom she adopted as her sisters.
  • She's into esports like DotA 2, Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike 2 and beyond. Aside from that, she's interested in culinary endeavors.
  • However, we have been informed of the misadventures of her microwave as well as expired food.

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Saya Kenbishi

  • Saya is a formidable elemental swordswoman from the Kingdom of Aurelia. Aside from her sword skills, she is also known as "The Night Blossom," a singer and musician by heart. She is expected to host music and gaming streams.
  • We are aware that the happy-go-lucky Saya can also be specific about Gundams.

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What to Look Forward on Project Verses' Debut

In a press release sent to VTuber NewsDrop, Project Verses highlights three key points which will set expectations with their audience: a diverse talent pool, engaging content and community interaction.

Tim, the group's founder, speaks of his group's vision: "Project: Verses is more than just VTubing; it's about creating a space where imagination knows no bounds. We're thrilled to bring our vision to life and connect with audiences on a whole new level."