Radpuppy Leaves VShojo Leadership Roster

Alexandra de la Cruz, known by her stream moniker as Radpuppy, has announced that she has parted ways with VTuber agency VShojo after serving as its vice president of talent and brand.

In a Twitter post, Radpuppy stated that she thanks VShojo for ‘the wonderful memories and learning experiences’. She has also thanked the larger VTubing community for reigniting her other passions. She has expressed in the past that she aspires to become an art teacher.

Radpuppy joined VShojo in January 2021, where–according to her LinkedIn–she was responsible for the foundational building and establishing the growth of VShojo's independent branding and presence as well as individual talent and talent brand development.

She was active in multiple of VShojo’s creative works, including the debut launch of VShojo Japan, which consisted of current VTuber Kson and new talent Amemiya Nazuna. She was also involved in the production of the web series ‘VShojo: Mythos’ which told the background lore of its talents and how they are interconnected to one another.

Outside of her VShojo work, Radpuppy is a popular League of Legends streamer, with over 60,000 followers on her Twitch account.