Riifu Evergreen's Activities Have Come to an End

NewsDrop understands that the talent has resigned from the agency effective immediately.

EIEN Project has announced that one of their talents, Riifu Evergreen, have submitted her terminal leave this morning: "This was not expected, and we deeply apologize to all her supporters." We understand that the talent has resigned from the agency effective immediately.

"Riifu had been struggling to abide by EIEN Project's Talent Contract for some time. We ask that you give us time before we share additional details."

This statement comes after EIEN management postponed her scheduled streams in an announcement published April 15. Management assured at that time that the matter with Riifu was not a family or health issue. It decided for the best of Riifu to let her take some time off after a rigorous schedule since debut. The talent went back to streaming a few days after the said announcement.

With her activities coming to an end, her YouTube channel, Discord, Reddit and TikTok accounts will be taken offline by May 1, 2023 (Monday). Refunds will also be issued for her channel subscribers.

Riifu Evergreen was part of the first generation of EIEN talents under the Museia generation alongside Kilia Kurayami, Skye Shinryu and Kiki Lockheart. The talent was active for 2 months, ending her activities with 13,400 YouTube subscribers and 4,500 Twitter followers.