Shylily’s Twitch Milestone Marked With Ad Campaign on Times Square

Shylily is the latest VTuber to appear on an ad campaign on New York’s Times Square, following her recent one million follower milestone on Twitch. However, it was unclear who initiated the said campaign.

This was not the first time ad campaigns in Times Square were rallied by the community to support their favorite VTubers. Most recent ones include Hololive English’s Ouro Kronii and Ninomae Ina’nis, as well as FeFe, Monarch, and even a VTuber model of popular streamer Ludwig.

Shylily’s ad comes after she announced a partnership with energy drink brand Gamer Supps with the launch of an exclusive flavor called Blo’Hole Blast. As part of the collaboration, limited branded mouse mats are also available.

According to data from StreamsCharts, Shylily ranked ninth in the most-popular female streamers on Twitch last year. She averaged around 11.27 million hours being watched, and following Kyedae, a popular streamer affiliated with 100 Thieves.

She also belongs in the top 25 most-watched VTubers of 2022 and the independent VTuber to do so, according to Japanese VTuber data aggregate