Silvervale and Vei Leave VShojo, Continue As Indies

The VTubers chose not to renew their contracts with the agency, will move forward as independent creators.

US-based VTuber group VShojo has announced founding member Silvervale and fellow talent Vei have chosen not to renew their contracts with the agency on April 25, Pacific Time.

The two VTubers are set to leave VShojo as their contracts end. Since they own their intellectual properties, they will move forward as independent creators. The two also came to individual agreements, rather than making the decision to leave together.

"We respect their decision and want to thank them for helping make VShojo what it is today," management said on Twitter.

They are the first departures since VShojo brought together some of independent VTubing's biggest creators back in 2021.

Silvervale, who was streaming at the time of the announcement, mentioned she was "thankful for the opportunities and the adventure I was able to go on... But it was best for me to move on.

"My decision wasn't influenced by anyone else. It was influenced by a lot of different factors, some of which were more recent while some have persisted since the very beginning.

"There were a lot of good times and a lot of sh*tty times. I feel like I wasn't being supported in ways you would expect when you're being represented."

Silvervale mentioned she will still continue streaming–with potentially even more broadcasts on the horizon – as well as hinted at big future plans that'll help her out "mentally and financially."

Other members of VShojo have reacted to the news, with Froot tweeting: "I’m devastated about Vei and Silver leaving VShojo but I will be happy for them wherever they choose to go, new opportunities will open up for them and I will support them all the way."

Ironmouse also made brief mention of the departures on stream, respecting the talents' decision and wishing them the best.

As time progresses, Vei assured everyone on Twitter that her decision not to renew her contract with the agency is because "new contracts didn't make any financial sense to me."

Banner Photo: Vei on Twitter