Spotlight: EIEN Project's Moeri and the Museia Generation

EIEN Project's founder and CEO Moeri spoke to NewsDrop just before its first generation Museia debuts.

We are about to be introduced to a new group of VTubers on this latest Spotlight, and they are just about to debut tomorrow (February 25).

Moeri, founder and CEO of EIEN Project, speaks to NewsDrop about her motivation to build a group. We also get to see a sneak peek at what's coming up for the Project. Scroll down further and get introduced to the first set of EIEN talents!

"I wanted to shine a light to those aspiring VTubers"

Prior to the establishment of EIEN Project, we know Moeri as a VTuber herself. This time, she brings her years of streaming experience—her struggles, lessons and best practices—to the team.

"Prior to starting my VTubing activities as Moeri, I had already been creating content under a different name for several years and simply transitioned to VTubing because I wanted to be a cute anime girl while making even more content.

"I've learned so many things throughout both my 5 years of IRL content creation activities, as well as from my 2 years of VTubing. I believe that all of my experience together can help shape future successful Talents.

"I've dabbled into a variety of content such as music, gaming, ASMR, and one time I even reviewed my community members' socks! However, I also understand the struggle of aiming to become successful, especially as someone just starting out.

"I know how difficult it is for VTubers just starting out from commissioning your model and assets, posting on all platforms to maximize your reach and growth, to even just figuring out what to stream or what extra content should be made. I saw that there was so much talent that wasn't being recognized and I wanted to shine a light to those aspiring VTubers."

Creating New Characters

For every agency, there is an origin story—and we understood that EIEN's origins stem from Moeri's imagination. Her creations led her to share the spotlight with other aspirants.

"It's actually a pretty funny story! I've always had thoughts of rebranding or changing my personal VTuber design, and have even thought of various designs but I ended up just always sticking with my current persona.

"I didn't want to leave 'Eri', and the community I had built as her, behind. Imagining various different characters was just something that I enjoyed.

"Then one day I thought to myself, 'Oh, I can create unique, fun, and cute new characters and support aspiring VTubers at the same time!'. That was basically the initial start of the creation of EIEN Project."

Focusing on Passion

So, what's the nature of EIEN as an agency? What does it look for?

"The main thing that we look for from everyone working under EIEN Project, whether it be the Talents or the staff, is passion.

"We want to create a positive and uplifting company culture, a place for each individual's talents to shine and a place of support that allows our Talents to reach their full potential through the guidance and encouragement of EIEN Project."

"Forever Home"

The agency will be debuting its first generation 'Museia' on February 25. Is there an overarching lore or theme for this debut generation?

"Our first generation will be the foundation of EIEN Project, so the theme of Museia is aligned with our mission; to share Entertainment In Everlasting Narrations.

"Museia will be releasing an original song called 'Forever Home' - this is also in relation to their lore, and our dream that they will find their forever home with us!

"Museia as a group has the overall theme of harmonizing and working together to make something beautiful. Museia's lore centers around a mysterious 'Being of Light', who plays a very important role in each member's lore!

"I don't want to give too much away, so we hope everyone will tune in to Museia's debut streams to learn more about Museia's story!"

Long-term Sustainability and Future Goals

With the recent developments in agency VTubing, how does EIEN prepare itslef to make it sustainable?

"Strong talents - we were very careful in our selection process and believe that they will help to shape EIEN's path forward and we hope our guidance can help them to flourish!

"We have strong support for sponsorships, are aiming to have our Talents appear in upcoming conventions in the near future, and are already planning on a second generation.

"We're also looking to secure more investors and are careful with the budgeting so we can make best use of the funds our Talents will work hard to bring in for the company.

"We give our best every day so that our Talents can have the best shot at success! We are thinking and planning for the future and are aiming to expand our staffing when the time is right, to better support the Talents as we grow together!"

As Moeri Bids Goodbye to VTubing for Now...

Concluding our discussion, what is Moeri's thoughts on being able to create EIEN Project, as well as debuting its first wave?

"I knew it was going to be very difficult to create EIEN Project but I was dedicated and extremely passionate about this project, so now that our first generation of Talents are about to debut, all I can say is that I am overjoyed to see both the staff and our Talents' hard work finally pay off.

"I know it's just the start, but I am ready to continue working hard behind the scenes to bring our Everlasting Narration to fruition!"

Moeri will release her last solo cover, a trilingual rendition of Yuuri's Dry Flower, a few hours from now:

Meet Museia

The talents of Museia have explained both their initial impressions from the auditions process, as well as their first impressions of EIEN Project after joining. We will introduce them first then share their answers:

Kiki Lockheart

Perhaps the only locksmith VTuber with two keys and a lock in her name, the orphaned being asked to be reborn with a home to come back to in exchange for unlocking people's hearts. Is she cute? Yes. Is she seiso? Check her Twitter.

"Before getting accepted, I stumbled upon the auditions ad and I instantly connected to it. I'm a very visual person and I let it speak to me. It sounds very vague and naive, but I really thought that it was the start of something new, and I wanted to be a part of that 'something new'.

"Now that I am a part of EIEN project and preparing for the debut, it is indeed a lot of new things for me. I find myself being frustrated that I can't do certain stuff due to my lack of experience, but at the same time, being in EIEN makes me want to improve and overcome it along with my fellow genmates. I don't think I've felt a drive like this before. Thank you EIEN and future fans of EIEN!"

Riifu Evergreen

Riifu's story is that of love, gratefulness and hope. The forest spirit not only guides you through the jungle, but also speaks to you with an accent. We almost forgot to tell you that she has a collection of memes ready.

"During the audition phase, I had a lot of faith in EIEN Project when I learned that the owner was a VTuber herself. I knew Eri would understand exactly what it is like to be a content creator and not push unrealistic deadlines or expectations on us as talents.

"After joining, EIEN Project has been nothing but supportive and encouraging towards my personal content creation's style. Now I just want to prove to them that they made the right choice by choosing me."

Kilia Kurayami

Kilia was described as a being who spent decades hiding from the world until a light pulls her from the depths, granting her a single wish: "to start again." It's made obvious to us that she can be a hunter who dislikes light mode, but she sings very well!

"EIEN to me first seemed like a second chance, a pathway to get back into the world I knew and loved. They seemed like a friendly growing company with big dreams and huge passion to make something of themselves!

"I wanted to be a part of that journey and after I got accepted, I knew I was right, I had found my people! Everyone works so hard and puts their all into this project and I hope the outside world can see that too!"

Skye Shinryu

We understood that Skye is a valkyrie who fought until she felled, only to be saved by the light that led her to a renewed pledge—to protect the smiles of those she holds dear. Also, she's a great illustrator.

"For my initial impression of EIEN Project, I was thinking they might be taking it in a slightly different direction as an agency because of their highlight on narratives for the character silhouettes and that caught my interest. I was also interested in the music-focused aspect mentioned in the audition form as well.

"Currently, I’ve come to see that they are clear in their ideas of and are entertainment-focused. I already knew that the staff would be experienced in the field as the CEO has experience in VTubing herself, but to see it in every staff member myself is further reassuring!"

Museia, EIEN Project's 1st Generation, debuts this Saturday, February 25 starting at 12pm PST on their respective YouTube channels:

Thank you to Moeri and to the team at EIEN Project for the interview! For more details on the agency, you can check their website at or follow them on their official YouTube and Twitter channels.