Welcome to the Abyss!: Kawa Entertainment's 2nd Generation Talents

Meet Kuromiya Lucien, Mino Mieko and Pastaroni Ravioli—Kawa Entertainment's Abyss Generation!

Kawa Entertainment has revealed who will compose its second generation of talents—and after reviewing thousands of applications, they have finally settled with three VTubers, namely Kuromiya Lucien, Mino Mieko and Pastaroni Ravioli.

These three talents will form Kawa's Abyss Generation, who will be alongside their seniors from the Kascade Generation—PiaPi UFO, Koziichu, Senniursa and Hunikin.

I stared at the Abyss for this Spotlight interview, and they stared back at me as we exchange knowledge about this team who will debut this weekend—this time, as Kawa's newest adopted talents.

Kuromiya Lucien

Demon priestess Lulu loves music, horror games and Genshin Impact. She does frequent music videos and upload several shorts a day. She's streaming on Twitch more, but has branched out to YouTube recently.

What's your favorite genre of music?

Kuromiya Lucien (Lulu): I really enjoy band-heavy music, like punk rock and heavy metal. I recently ventured more into Vocaloid and idol music, which I really enjoyed, but is definitely very different to what I am used to.

Given that you have covered a lot of songs in your career - tell us what cover you love the most.

I most enjoyed my cover of Derivakat's "revived", I had the chance to change some of the lyrics to fit my VTuber lore better and got to let out all of my emotions in a loud and aggressive way, I found it very cathartic.

We are told that you know many instruments, so tell us one instrument you have used in your music videos or streams.

I play the kalimba (thumb piano) for every new subscription, and I have done so for the past 2 years, I also play either the gong or triangle for gifted subs, it depends on the time of day, as the gong is quite loud.

I have several instruments redeems, some recently active are an improv name serenade with the Ukulele and an "ear cleaning" with the recorder (I do not know how to play the recorder). I did play the bamboo flute during a recent subathon as well!

Mino Mieko

Angel-in-training Mie is a polyglot (knows 5 languages) who is also into Genshin Impact and has managed to attract the attention of fellow VTubers from larger agencies like Takanashi Kiara.

First of all, I read your description, and it says here reads description that you trade your bosom for immortality. Do you have any regrets doing so?

Mino Mieko (Mie): Nope! I may not be boing boing there anymore, but that means no more painful running and booba sweat xD Besides, I have other boing boing parts like my tri-ahoge!

As a polyglot, who is your dream VTuber collab?

Having a room full of other VTubers who speak multiple languages like me would be so chaotic xD I'd love to collab with Takanashi Kiara from hololive EN, Airani Iofifteen from hololive ID, and Petra Gurin from Nijisanji EN!

If you were allowed to learn one more language, what would that be?

Well... Why stop at one? I did try Spanish and French before, 3 and 2 years respectively, so I'd like to be able to speak those 2 languages fluently again. If I really have to pick one though... Probably Spanish since I have a lot of Minodachis who speak it, and rolling the 'R' sound is fun to do!

Pastaroni Ravioli

Also known as Pasta, this VTuber often streams variety games—but she's really into Among Us (cue the iconic sussy sound).

She's a full-time streamer on both Twitch and YouTube who also maintains a close connection with her past as an IRL streamer. This ravioli's living the best of both worlds.

What makes Among Us so interesting until now?

Pastaroni Ravioli (Pasta): Social deduction games have always been great for me. The modders for Among Us are so creative, there are a TON of things to do in each mod that I normally play with: Town of Us mod and The Other Roles, especially. I've been playing these sorts of games forever. As my friend Chilled would say, "Lying is fun!"

Tell us one variety game you love the most.

I have been playing a TON of Plate Up! It's been really fun especially because I miss that type of "hurry up and go" stress since leaving my hospital job to be a full-time creator. I have been playing a lot of Call of Duty, Fortnite, Among Us, but the one game I am always down for is Plate Up!

At this point how many % of your live activities are VTuber streams?

Considering I have only done about 3-4 streams with cam this year, I would say over 90%. I do have a TikTok and Instagram where I show my face, but short form is much easier to just post and run than doing long form content. Usually if I stream or do a video with cam, it's because of a community unlock goal or a charity stream!

More Questions Answered

Genshin Impact

Please tell us your favorite Genshin Impact character based on skills.

Mie: I was lucky and got Wanderer as one of my first 5-star characters. He made early game play so easy since he can fly everywhere, and it just felt so much more fun with him.

For exploring and dealing beeg damage, I will always pick Wanderer. However, based on battle skills alone, I LOVE NAHIDA! Depending on how you build her and the team she's with, she can be a main DPS or support character. Nahida does great whether she's on or off field, not to mention how CUTE she is too!

Lulu: Wanderer was really easy for me to build as a beginner and is a massive plus to the team when it comes to i.e. reaching areas before he was introduced to the gameplay, due to the flying mechanic, also makes a lot of fights easier as you are out of reach of enemies for a while.

I only started playing Genshin about 6 months ago and he has become a life-saver for the [Spiral] Abyss and general achievement hunting.

Please have a debate among yourselves about this topic: Why Paimon is/is not an emergency food.

Mie: Paimon IS emergency food because she pops up when we need her and looks like a squishy mochi. Paimon IS NOT emergency food because she can talk and I need her to talk for me in-game sometimes :/

Lulu: She looks like mayonnaise.

Streaming on Twitch and YouTube

Tell us what you think of YouTube and Twitch as platforms nowadays.

Lulu: While I have barely experienced YouTube as a streaming platform in both 2021 and now, I can say it grew a little in discoverability, but lacks in many things.

Especially in plug-ins, availability of chat interaction style games and accessibility (slow chat, mod view, timeouts, superchat leaderboards, etc.). All of this makes me prefer Twitch, it just feels easier to navigate, easier to moderate, and more interactive in terms of getting on eyelevel with chat.

From a full-time streamer standpoint, I also prefer that microtransactions like Subscriptions and bits are hidden behind a fake number or symbol, so consumers don't immediately overthink how much they are spending and are likely to spend more on a stream that way than i.e., a superchat that shows the exact sum of what they paid.

Pasta: Since I started on Twitch over 5 years ago, I have seen a LOT in terms of change. I was always a die-hard Twitch content creator AND viewer.

In the last few years, I have been really left with a bad taste about some things and how they have been handled with Twitch. So... I started streaming on YouTube and producing videos this year to see how YouTube is!

So far, it's been absolutely lovely! I would love a better UI for the streaming side of YouTube, but I have had a good time on that platform so far. I hope that it drives up the competition between both platforms and we as content creators and viewers will see some benefit for it.

Getting to Know Each Other—Together

Before the name "Abyss" has been revealed to us, we asked them about their relationships with each other.

How long have you been interacting with each other?

  • Lulu: We got introduced to each other around the same time a little over a month ago, but we are all in different time zones, so in reality, unfortunately very little.
  • Mie: Prior to joining Kawa, I didn't interact with them so... Probably just a month before debut! I reached out to them first after getting permission to so I could get to know them more before we got thrown into debut preparations ^~^
  • Pasta: We've only recently been interacting with each other after being accepted by Kawa, but from the brief time of meeting everyone, I know that it's not going to take long for us to create lots of exciting content together

What can you tell about your genmates?

  • Lulu: Pasta's laugh is contagious and immediately heals my heart, Mie is really kind and sweet on the outside, but a real gremlin in her streams!
  • Mie: Lulu is always on top of things and coming up with stuff. She's so considerate and gives me a lot of older sister vibes hehe~ Pasta is always so positive and understanding. She works hard to communicate with everyone. They're both incredibly funny and entertaining on stream but off stream, they are really hard workers!
  • Pasta: From watching their content, I can tell that they are just as chaotic and wild as I am! On a more serious note, I feel as though I have a lot to learn from each of them, as each of us tend to create such a wide variety of entertainment

What makes you a unique personality?

  • Lulu: Capitalist gamer sheep, need I say more?
  • Mie: I definitely look and sound like a gremlin, but don't be fooled. I've got a beeg brain! Besides singing, dancing, drawing, and playing some instruments, I play rhythm games competitively and give educational content like language learning streams and mini physiology lessons too! There's also something I can do that no one can replicate—you'll have to check out my clips and streams to hear the infamous 'Mie Noises' sometime. =w=
  • Pasta: From what I've been told by others, I am a box of fireworks inside of a chocolate cake—you never quite know what kind of excitement you are going to get. I am a big advocate for fun in all its forms, and I love to make people laugh. It brings a huge smile to my face knowing that I've been able to make others feel joyful. My laugh is incredibly recognizable and has been described in many ways - one of my favorites is that I sound "like a catfish" (Google it, it's weird).

Now that Generation 1—now known as Kascade—has their own set of juniors, we asked them to describe their new fellows. Koziichu responds:

I love everybody, they're all super sweet and fun to be around! I also am incredibly impressed by them as people:

  • Mieko has so many skills and so much knowledge she's accumulated through life, and it feels like she always tries to think on the positive side of things;
  • Pasta is clearly super determined and strong, and she acts on new ideas she's got right away, plus she's just SO friendly and lovable;
  • and Lulu is so kind, hardworking, and thoughtful, always trying to make sure that people are comfortable and happy, and always trying to improve.

Look forward to more of Abyss—Kawa Entertainment's 2nd Generation talents—as they debut as a team this Saturday, May 6! The program starts at 10:00am EDT. Stay tuned to Kawa Entertainment on Twitter for more updates.

Special thanks to the Abyss generation for taking their time to answer our questions, and NewsDrop's godfather Monty Seelana for the assistance.

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