Kinkymation—Comedy Comes in Threes

Our first edition features Lily Pale, also known as Kinkymation, a talented artist and charismatic VTuber. Unique among her peers, she streams games with utmost wholesomeness on Twitch.

Welcome to NewsDrop Spotlight, where we talk to interesting people in the VTuber community. Our first edition features Lily Pale, also known as Kinkymation, a talented artist and charismatic VTuber. Unique among her peers, she streams games with utmost wholesomeness on Twitch.

Kinkymation started out as an artist, and quickly drew attention thanks to her sheer skill and kind-hearted nature. Her subjects were mostly of an adult nature, definitely not safe for work, but there was nothing truly objectionable, and her large audience seems to enjoy her every upload.

Her foray into the world of VTubing, where she uses 2D models of her own creation, gathers just as large of an audience for each and every stream.

Parts of this interview are adjusted for brevity, and with respect to the subject’s thoughts.

What made you want to become a VTuber?

Before becoming a VTuber, I streamed drawing with a face-cam on. Initially I went with a VTuber ‘cause it covered less of the screen than a regular cam, so as to not cover up the gameplay I went with that.

But I found that it was really fun to use a VTuber with all the expressions and customization, plus not having to do full makeup every time you fire up a stream is a godsend.

You created your own VTuber model, right? What was the process?

Well, I use a PNGtuber as opposed to a Live2D mostly ‘cause it's something I could do entirely on my own, so I just draw the little expressions, eyes, and mouths for the lip sync myself.

Being more simple allows me to change my outfits according to what game I play, so I have a model specialized for every game I touch.

Do you have some sort of written backstory or lore for your VTuber persona?

Not really, I don't play a character on stream so my VTuber is just me with cat ears, 'cause I would love to have cat ears IRL, but when streaming I go as myself.

Considering you are an adult artist, what made you decide not to include NSFW material in your VTubing content?

I'd get banned from Twitch, but If I could I would. Part of my focus on the NSFW side of what I do is to de-stigmatize porn, to showcase wholesome and erotic artwork, not as something dirty or weird to jack off to, but as art, that's should be just as enjoyable as any other. So, if anything, I wish I could incorporate NSFW without getting obliterated.

Most VTubers tend to be yabai, what is your take on this trend?

I think it makes sense, generally villains or more intense personalities are much more attractive as they have a lot to dig into, so if you're making a character, giving it a lot of layers feels like a fun thing to do.

Plus, if you play a persona, doing something more out there can let you act more and do stuff you would never dream to do normally, all that is if I got the term correctly. Hopefully I did.

You're also a really talented artist, so how do you divide your time between art and VTubing?

VTubing which is gaming is my free time, I have fun gaming so I might as well stream it regardless. Other than that, I spend the rest of my day drawing for the most part.

What is your VTuber schedule? When do you stream, and what do you stream?

I stream every day from 7pm (CST) to 10pm (CST). I stream games all the time, and I play every kind of game. I don't really judge, in fact the games I play, I do it for research; since as an artist I have a rule of always drawing characters and stuff from media I consume and understand. I think that's very important.

What is your overall dream as a VTuber?

I want to spread my message of positive NSFW art on my stream! It's something I always talk about, and I think streaming is another way to try to get people to look at my work and understand what I do, and I want to create a nice positive place for viewers to hang out and have fun!

How many different models do you have, and could you explain them?

Right now, I have 10, but that won't stay like that for long as I make a new model for every game I play, so eventually I'll have as many models as games I've completed!

The idea is I want my VTuber to dress up as a character in the game, mostly ‘cause I think it's fun, but it also lets me flex my art muscles.

How long does it take you to make a new model?

Hmmm, that's a hard one since I never counted them, and the way I work is I do a bit each day and move to other projects, so I never work on it non-stop—but I'd say about 8 hours?

Any message to everyone?

Erotic artwork is art, it's not a thing you just jack off when you have no partner, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying sex and sexuality.

It's one of—IF not the most—important aspects of the human experience, so it's kinda sad it's such a taboo topic. You can enjoy it solo, as a couple, or just admire it for its beauty. I hope one day that's the way people see erotic artwork like what I do.

Thank you Kinkymation for sharing your time. Look forward to future interviews on NewsDrop Spotlight.