Spotlight: Serafina from AuroraLiveVR

Serafina recently came into the spotlight after her cover of 'Golden Hour' by JYKE trended on Twitter. Now she's more excited to stream to a wider audience.

One of the driving factors within the VTubing scene is talent for singing. For the longest time, the community has witnessed its fair share of talents belting out original and cover songs, each with their own fanbases and supporters.

But every now and then, we see a new contender getting recommended to us and sticks with us.

This was the case for Serafina, the Egyptian demigoddess of AuroraLiveVR 极光社, a Chinese VTuber agency. She recently came into the spotlight after her cover of 'Golden Hour' by JYKE trended on Twitter.

As of this writing, the original tweet featuring a snippet of the cover has been viewed more than 300,000 times and has received over 30,000 likes.

NewsDrop caught up with Serafina to learn more about her, including future stream plans as well as a full description of her lore.

The Story of Serafina

NewsDrop: For those out of the loop, could you tell us more about yourself and your lore?

Serafina: In ancient virtual Egypt, Setekh, the god of War, Deserts, and Foreigners was at war with Horus, the god of Sky and Kingship.

Setekh created many demigods to fight for him, one of them was a Jackal Demigoddess named Serafina. Used as a tool for war, Serafina had no emotions. But when she got struck down by Horus, a human girl saved Serafina’s life.

Serafina became soft after spending days being cared for by the human girl. However, this human girl was a worshiper of Horus, and so Setekh killed her.

In anger, Serafina fought against Setekh but she was too weak. Defeated, Serafina fled with the body of the girl into a pyramid, where she fell into a coma beside her coffin.

When Serafina finally awoke, Setekh had lost the war and Serafina was freed. Because of that girl that saved her, Serafina is interested in understanding humans.

After leaving her pyramid, in order to integrate into the human society, she specially customized a set of suits for modern style (the inspiration for the 2.0 outfit). As human technology advanced in the future, Serafina also got new mecha clothing (3.0 outfit).

"Golden Hour" is Her Favorite Song This Year

You recently came into the spotlight after recording a cover of JVKE's 'Golden Hour'. Was there a reason why you chose to record that song back then?

This is my favorite song of the year and I specialize in powerful high note songs. I also want to practice English more and meet more English fans.

The full cover of 'Golden Hour', with over 100,000 views now as of this writing.

Recently, you surpassed more than 10,000 followers on Twitter in just a short amount of time. What are your thoughts on the new fans?

I am so shocked; I woke up and was not expecting it. I am new to Twitter, even though I have had it for a few months I did not start posting till October this year. I was not expecting to receive so much love.

My thought on the new fans is, [I'm] just so happy when I read their comments. They always make my day, and hope they will come to my stream in the future. Now I am even more excited to stream on YouTube! By the way, the fan arts though, they're so talented!

Looking Forward

Are there any music projects we can look forward to from Serafina?

I'm actually posting old covers that [were previously] posted on Bilibili, but me and my agency are currently considering making original songs, and I think that would be my future plan on music.

Your agency has expressed its desire to expand to YouTube or Twitch next year. Which platform do you think you would prefer and why?

I held a fan vote and about 70% voted for YouTube. My Twitch has reached 1,000 followers and my YouTube has reached 16,000, so I think YouTube is the better choice and hopefully I get monetized fast!

Special thanks to Kuilin 葵琳 of AuroraLiveVR 极光社 for the assistance in this NewsDrop Spotlight feature.

For more information on AuroraLiveVR 极光社, you can check their website or visit their official Twitter page.