VTuber Ywuria On Art, Growth, and Connection

"If I am gonna be honest, there was no way I thought I would grow so much as a VTuber."

If you were to ask a fan 'who are the rising figures in the indie VTubing scene', chances are some would say Bao or Vienna. But in the current indie VTuber scene, there are a ton of rising figures in the scene that have gained a much wider attention, away from their original fanbase.

One of those is Ywuria, a Filipino VTuber based overseas who was previously affiliated with OTAHOO Project before going indie. Known for both her gorgeous VTuber design changes and her retro anime art, Ywuria is a sure contender with the handful of indie VTubers rising to become the next big indie.

As 2023 nears (and so her upcoming rebrand effort), NewsDrop sat down with Ywuria and talk about her previous work, and what she advices aspiring indies along the road.

Looking Back

NewsDrop: You have been a well-known indie VTuber in the English-speaking space. Looking back, how do you feel about what you have achieved so far?

Ywuria: Looking back, I honestly feel like I've done a lot to achieve what I have so far. If I am gonna be honest, there was no way I thought I would grow so much as a VTuber.

I've set up a goal before that I will celebrate 2,500 followers on Twitch, but in just a few weeks of reaching 2,500 I was already at 25,000. But despite all of these, I still consider myself small and thriving, in a good way of course.

One of the defining talents you have is doing these retro-inspired sketches. Could you tell us more about how you developed that talent over time?

I was an aspiring artist around 2019 and stumbled upon other artists redrawing modern anime, I guess what made me want to work as a 90's artist is that I want to bring all OC or anime into that nostalgic feeling. I ended up not expecting that I would be known in the art community for it.

Her Place in the VTubing Scene

Out of all of the past and current VTuber models you have, is there a particular model that you still cherish? If so, why?

I think it's my current one, all of my others are already being used by someone else. However, I did cherish the first one as it was my basis for starting as a VTuber.

While your content is catered towards English audiences, how do you still keep in touch with the PHVTuber scene?

It's weird enough to say that I don't give my Filipino fans a chance to interact in Tagalog during the stream, however I do interact mostly with them on Facebook.

To be honest, I see myself so little in the PHVtubing community, that's why it's hard for me to work on merch, thinking no one knows me there—some do though, which puts warmth in my heart.

Do What Makes You Happy

Do you have advice for aspiring VTubers who want to make it big in the indie VTubing scene?

This has been asked a lot, and all I can say is that be yourself.

I know there's like stuff in the community if whether you have to follow the meta to be known, it is a huge plus in getting exposure. However, if you keep putting yourself in a content you're struggling to be in, then I really suggest to just do what you love doing because at the end of the day, people watch you because it's you.

Thank you very much Ywuria sharing your time with us. Follow Ywuria on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

Banner Photo: Ywuria on Twitter