The secret sales that Steam doesn't want you to see

Elle's favorite zombie has broken down the secret steam sale and found the sales you didn't know about.

It's no secret that Steam runs massive sales every few weeks. But sometimes, Steam pushes to you what is currently hot on the market while hiding some real good sales from you. Here's a list of some goodies that Steam tries to hide from you

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Wing Diver the Shooter - $1.99

Cute anime girls shoot alien insects in order to punch god

Culpa Innata - 1.99

It do be a society

Discord truly presides in our unionized society, very fun point and click game.

City of Brass - $1.99


What if Doom but roguelike Prince of Persia? Has Twitch integration.

DinoSystem - $1.99

Unga Bunga time

The ultimate Hotline Miami survival with cavemen, also a very very complex game.

Styx: Master of Shadows - $1.99

Playing the rogue is fun

You are goblin thief, goblin thief goblinates.

Umihara Kawase - $1.99


Fishing hooks are the perfect grappling hook.

LEAVES: The Journey - $0.49

Leaves? More like weed kek

You are the Lorax and you help the trees in this surreal and dreamlike point and click.

ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal - $0.79

This looks like Kya: Dark Lineage

Defeat demons by using the power of love!! Also, it's pokemon but with fairies.

Blackguards - $0.99


Heroes saving the world? No, we have bandits instead. Tactics RPG.

Blackguards 2 - $0.99

You are a bandit!! Yar har-

Bandits save the world 2: Electric boogaloo

The Fan - $1.19

I dunno, this fan meetup feels odd

When games meet unsettling settings and cranks them up to 11

Cyan - $1.39

boobies boobies boobies boobies

A naughty JRPG with some variety in costumes

Darkness Assault - $0.49


Fight, survive and solve the missing people mystery

Bladestar - $0.49

A great plane arcade shooter

For those who loved the good old Xbox Arcade plane games