The Streamer Awards 2023 Nominations Open, Including Best VTuber

The Streamer Awards are back for 2023, with VTubers specifically highlighted in their own category in the award show.

The Streamer Awards return for their second year in 2023, and nominations are open for all content creators.

VTubers can get in the mix again this year in the awards show hosted by Twitch star QTCinderella with a dedicated Best VTuber category. However virtual stars are able to be nominated for most of the 26 categories.

Anyone can nominate their favorite streamer, or themselves, for almost every category. There are a few caveats: streamers must have broadcasted 200 hours on Twitch, YouTube, or another platform. Nominations must also be relevant to the category at hand.

Beyond that, no matter whether you’re a big or small VTuber, or even just a fan, you can get involved.

Please remember this is majority fan-nominated and voted so if you want your streamer a part of it nominate them now,” The Streamer Awards tweeted.

Vexoria knows this all too well after her theGAMEHERs win late last year: “[Award shows are] a really neat concept for recognizing creativity in content creation, and important for that same reason. I feel it's important to recognize the good work that people do while entertaining others.

“[If you’re a VTuber,] maintain strong bonds and relationships with friends, moderators, staff members, and other streamers. This increases the likelihood one of those friends will nominate you in the first place.

“Being a good, supportive person to the people around you will lend you the good will to tackle nominations and voting. After all, people are more likely to go out of their way to help someone who has helped them or generally shown they're a kind soul!

However, it’s more than just being nominated for the one VTuber-specific category. The awards are open to all streamers in all categories, and aspiring VTubers plus their fans shouldn’t limit themselves.

“For VTubers to get representation in those categories, right alongside other performers, validates and normalizes virtual avatars as a viable means of entertaining—right up there with facecams or camless performers, or anyone else creating content in any way,” Vex continued.

“As such, I believe it's incredibly important that we continue to make strides in these award shows, to show we're not just a subgenre, but that we're people too.”

Here are the important dates you need to know about nominations and voting in The Streamer Awards 2023:

  • January 30: Nominations open
  • February 11: Nominations close
  • February 17: Shortlists for each category revealed, voting opens
  • March 11: The Streamer Awards 2023 show goes live, winners revealed