Top Superchatted VTubers of 2022 According to Playboard

These VTubers are among the Top Superchatted this year, according to data from Playboard.

As the year ends, YouTube rankings website has released a list of the top superchat earners for the end of the year, with data aggregated from January 1st to December 9th.

VTubers in the Top 10 superchat rankings include:

Rank VTuber Affiliation Revenue
2nd Vox Akuma Nijisanji EN Luxiem $1,037,506
4th Sakamata Chloe Secret Society HoloX $857,161
6th Hakui Koyori Secret Society HoloX $733,773
10th Luca Kaneshiro  Nijisanji EN Luxiem $583,886

Extending further, here are the VTubers included in the Top 20 rankings:

Rank VTuber Affiliation Revenue
11th Fuwa Minato Nijisanji $561,637
14th Kazama Iroha Secret Society HoloX $462,172
15th Ike Eveland Nijisanji EN Luxiem $462,024
16th kson ONAIR VShojo $460,663
17th Yukihana Lamy Hololive NEPOLABO $457,324
18th Usada Pekora Hololive Fantasy $441,288
20th Houshou Marine Hololive Fantasy $419,723
Source: Playboard · Banner Photo: NordWood Themes / Unsplash