Tsunderia Announces Updates on New Talent Applications, Upcoming Project

US-based VTuber agency Tsunderia has announced new updates regarding its upcoming VTuber generation, as well as clarifying its recent announcement of an upcoming event in September.

In one of its recent tweets, Tsunderia captioned its tweet with “...we’ll all still carry the fond memories of our time together.” This announcement has been perceived differently by the community, with some speculating that the announcement could be a mass graduation of talents.

To clear up the air, Tsunderia has noted in a follow-up tweet that the announcement was for an “upcoming project,” although they never mentioned any hint of the project’s nature. The agency also added that they hope fans will look forward to it.

Furthermore, Tsunderia also announced that they have recently concluded reviewing numerous VTuber applications for its upcoming generation. It has then reminded applicants to check their email a week after if they will pass to the next stage of the auditions. Tsunderia opened up auditions for its fourth generation on June 29 this year.

Tsunderia has been the subject of scrutiny within the VTubing community following its ‘mass graduation’ on April 23. Its former talents, Nini Yuuna, Miori Celesta, Orla Gan Ceann, and Matsuro Meru all went on to become independent VTubers.

As of this writing Tsunderia has its third generation composed of Tsurugi Nen, Uzuki Tomoya, Chikafuji Lisa, Tetsuya Kazune, and Amiya Aranha; as well as Generation 0’s Inukai Purin and Generation 2’s Amemachi Hanabi.