Usada Pekora is Most-Watched Female Streamer for Q1 2023

6 other Hololive talents are on the Top 20 list

Data gathered by StreamsCharts declares that Usada Pekoraβ€”a consistent performer in previous chartsβ€”is the most watched streamer for the first quarter of the year.

The streaming analytics service gathered data from both Twitch and YouTube for the first quarter of the year, putting Pekora on the top spot after listing 231 hours and 30 minutes of airtime. Pekora currently has 6.49 million subscribers on YouTube.

Hololive Talents who also made it to the list include Hakui Koyori, Sakura Miko, Oozora Subaru, Tsunomaki Watame, Amane Kanata and Inugami Korone:

Position Name Listed Airtime Hours Watched
1 Usada Pekora 231 hours, 30 minutes 6.49 million
3 Hakui Koyori 449 hours, 55 minutes 4.92 million
5 Sakura Miko 162 hours, 30minutes 4.01 million
6 Oozora Subaru 236 hours, 50 minutes 3.98 million
9 Tsunomaki Watame 293 hours, 25 minutes 3.18 million
10 Amane Kanata 192 hours, 25 minutes 2.94 million
14 Inugami Korone 237 hours, 5 minutes 1.95 million

Data: Streams Charts on Twitter, Website

Streams Charts also listed Pekora's YouTube channel as the top 4 most-popular gaming streamers for February, reaching 2.20 million hours:

In other news, Hololive is currently preparing for its Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 tournament where 18 members will compete for the championship title, happening on April 16 (Sunday) at 8pm Japan time.

The tournament will be hosted on Pekora's channel with Hoshimachi Suisei joining as co-host.