V&U Solstice Generation Debuts March 3

Meet polar opposites Amoria and Amano Serafi as they debut on YouTube on March 3

As of March 2023, Amano Serafi has been terminated by V&U, with the talent behind the character countering the agency's claims. The original story is published below.

V&U (Virtual & Universe) project will debut new VTubers under the Solstice generation. Two new VTubers, Amoria and Amano Serafi will debut on March 3, Friday.

Rookie magical girl Amoria (@AmoriaVNU) from private magical company MAHO was sent to the peaceful earth, where she struggles with the high cost of living for her and her pet unicorn.

  • Upon discovering that she could earn by streaming, she decided to become a VTuber. She enjoys K-pop, J-pop, winter and pork belly.

Baseball bat-wielding angelic officer Amano Serafi (@AmanoSerafiVNU) is tasked to monitor humanity and signal its destruction with the sound of her trumpet. While she's been reporting and advocating for the annihilation of humanity for centuries, she's always been rejected.

  • Her superiors asked her to try forming relationships with humans as she monitors them through social media. This led her to become a VTuber. An energetic being, she's interested in singing, video and games.

The new VTubers were selected as a result of a global audition and a collaboration with famous artists, making use of their experience with its first generation Symphoria.

V&U's Solstice generation will debut on Friday, March 3 starting 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST (March 4, 9 AM Japan time):

Maro Studio formed V&U in 2019 as a VTuber-focused team. The studio is a recipient of the 2010 Korean Presidential Award in the field of animation, and has worked on the K-pop animated series Shining Star (co-produced with SM Entertainment), Oops iKoo and ae-aespa.

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