VNUniverse Season 2 3D Series Starts June 16

New season brings new cast, improved animation and captivating voice acting: Agency

South Korea-based virtual agency V&U will premiere the second season of its animated series VNUniverse starting Sunday, June 16 on YouTube.

The 12-episode series is set to have improved animation quality, a new cast and captivating voice acting, according to the agency.

V&U told VTuber NewsDrop that the show's animation team has utilized the latest technology and techniques to create stunning visuals that bring the characters and their vibrant world to life.

This season highlights the stories and events from Oracle, V&U's 3rd generation of talents, as well as their experiences working at the agency.

Watch your favorite VTubers as they interact with the other members of V&U and staff in silly and hilarious situations.

Source: Press Release