VEE Project’s Shindouji Ako Officially Retires

Shindouji Ako, a VTuber that is part of Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s VEE Project, has retired from her official VTuber activities, a month after she debuted.

In an announcement from the VEE Project, the agency said that Ako has decided to retire due to concerns of her poor health condition. The agency added that while they have discussed the possibility of temporarily suspending her activities, the talent has decided to retire from her activities, which the agency respects.

Prior to the announcement on August 12, Shindouji Ako posted an update on July 24 that she hasn’t been active since her debut stream, and that she is consulting with her doctor regarding her health condition, albeit unspecified.

Shindouji Ako, alongside the second wave of VEE Project talents Audrey Mina, Oshiro Ito, Sazanami Toa, Hiyori Chihiyo, and Mew Garcia–debuted on July 3. Following her retirement, the agency has stated that all of her social media channels will remain up.