Virtual Market Summer 2022 Gives Everyone Hours of Fun

We feature some of the must-see attractions from this year's summer spectacle.

Aside from being the biggest virtual asset marketplace, Virtual Market Summer 2022 has the biggest offering of activities for everyone. In this post, we feature some of the must-see attractions from this year's summer spectacle. Be warned: Once you step in, you're in for a great ride for hours.

Parareal Worlds

If you cannot go to the real-life New York or Osaka, try visiting Parareal New York and Parareal Osaka. These two worlds feature exhibits from various companies supporting this year's event.

Both worlds have exhibits where you can see your avatar dance—here's a sample from Parareal New York's JVCKenwood booth:

Check your virtual sharpshooting skills as Tokyo Marui's shooting range returns with an exhibit featuring the currently-airing anime Lycoris Recoil.

Kowloon Empire Ichiban Boulevard

Entertainment is non-stop at Kowloon Empire Ichiban Boulevard's Casino and Theater worlds, featuring dozens of artist exhibits plus an in-game currency you'll need as you approach different spots inside. You get to be the gambler or a busker here through its in-game currency.

VketPlaza -Cyber Mode-

The futuristic VketPlaza -Cyber Mode- has its Vivid Park and Night Garden worlds, filled with various artist booths. At the end of your journey there, don't jump out just yet—look for a vehicle that will help you recap everything you've passed through.

Other Favorites

Fan favorites from past Vkets such as Kuja Market, the Tokyo Marui Official VRC Survival Games "Island" and "Conquest", Vket Academy and Emission are also open. The classic Virtual Market has been remastered for those who want to see how the annual activity started.

Virtual Market has attracted over one million visitors worldwide, and has received two Guinness World Records (for Virtual Market 4 and Virtual Market 6).

Access Virtual Market 2022 Summer through VRChat on Desktop and Meta Quest, as well as through your smartphone or browser via Vket Cloud.