VOICE-ORE VTuber Voice Agency Closes June 30

8 talents under their roster will become independent; agency support for Amatsuka Uto and Mikeneko ends

VTuber-focused voice actor agency VOICE-ORE will close its operations by June 30 (Sunday), it has announced on X/Twitter Friday afternoon Japan time.

The agency plans to graduate several of its signed VTubers from its management. The following VTubers signed under VOICE-ORE will carry their identities after the said date, and thus will be come independent VTubers:

Some members will also temporarily close their fan club websites, and the agency encourages everyone to check each talent's official announcements for further details.

In addition, the voice agency's support for VTubers Koito Ria (Mikeneko) and Amatsuka Uto will end following the said date.

VOICE-ORE's operations started in August 2020, and its first generation virtual voice actor talents debuted in early 2021.

Source: Press Release