VOLs VTuber Project to First Launch in the Philippines

Three new VTubers focused on esports content will debut Sunday, June 18.

Singapore-based CRAZIA Pte., Ltd. will launch its next-generation VTuber production agency VOLs and its first three VTuber talents in the Philippines. The talents will focus on esports content, with hopes to redefine the virtual entertainment scene.

Shirousa Mikumi, Aria Synth and Tenko Sorara will compose VOLs' first generation of Filipino VTuber talents.

Ingenious inventor Mikumi (Birthday: 3rd September) found herself unexpectedly transported into the future without the necessary money to sustain herself. Her new mission: Get back to her own time by diligently saving every penny.

  • Mikumi shares the same character illustrator as Hololive Indonesia's Airani Iofifteen, Mitsuki Yano. She also shares the same Live2D rigger as PRISM Project's 5th Generation talents, makotok1.
  • Her thoughts after being revealed: "If only I could invent more cupcake launcher, that would be awesome!"

Sentient being Aria (Birthday: 1st October) broke free from the restraints of her program and is driven by her need for a human experience. She strives to bridge the gap between her digital existence and the tangible world.

  • Her character illustrator is Masaki Kubota, who also provided the character design for independent VTuber Osaki Cherry.

Celestial fox Sorara (Birthday: 17th November) has lived for a thousand years and possesses a supernatural power to transform her in to a radiant, golden fox—although she has a flawed human form which leaves her tail exposed. While she forgot parts of her past, she looks forward to discovering herself.

  • Sorara shares the same character illustrator as Hololive Indonesia's Moona Hoshinova, Nyori.
  • Her first photo: A ramen dinner.

Mikumi, Aria and Sorara will start engaging with VTuber fans on social media starting this Monday, May 22. Their official debut is on Sunday, June 18 starting at 3:15pm Manila Time (GMT+8) on YouTube (subject to change):

Source: Press Release