Vox Akuma Film "The Demon Hungers" Premieres November 4

Cast and staff also revealed in major historical announcement for a NIJISANJI talent.

NIJISANJI EN's Vox Akuma has announced that he is releasing a film in a special YouTube stream Saturday Japan time. Vox produces, directs and edits "The Demon Hungers," a full-length feature set in the year 1616 when his castle and clan were destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

In a first for a NIJISANJI VTuber, Vox gathers several talented personalities for this production:

  • Screenwriter: Oni Giri (* Vox's IRL friend and former mod represented as the little mascot on his belt. This is different from the chef VTuber of the same name.)
  • Illustrator: Melikas
  • Composer: Diego / PrettyPatterns (who also produced several tracks for fellow NIJISANJI EN talent Enna Alouette)
  • Sound Design and Mixing: Trace Callahan
  • Additional Artwork: Negshin and RadioStarManiac
  • Title Design and Animation: OrihimeVT and SakiEXE
  • Poster Illustration: Harutask
  • Additional Music: Unit.0
  • Subtitle Translations: Kotoka Torahime from XSOLEIL (Japanese), Nox from VirtuaReal (Chinese)

The film's cast is also revealed during the said announcement:

The film is set to be released on Saturday November 4, 10 PM JST / 1 PM GMT / 8 AM EST.

Staying true to his preference in movies, Vox stressed that he's making sure that his first film is well done: "Over the past few weeks, I have been extremely hard at work—I would say at least for a month now, I've been very, very hard at work making sure that this film is in the right place that needs to be in."

The film's waiting room is to be set up around November 1 or 2. He also gave clearance for his Kindred to conduct fan screenings as long as these are not for profit.

NewsDrop understands that there are plans for Kindred in the Philippines and Singapore to host watch parties for the film.