VTuber Agency Tsunderia Dissolves

"Tsunderia as a company may be gone, but the legacy it created will live on forever. I cannot thank you enough for being part of it."

Tsunderia, considered one of the pioneer VTuber agencies in the West, has announced its dissolution as of today, January 25. The announcement was made five months prior to the agency’s third anniversary.

  • Tsunderia cited lack of resources to continue its operations, and has expressed its “disappointment” that it will not be able to reach said milestone.
  • The agency also noted that “this was not an easy decision to make”, and that this was finalized following Inukai Purin’s departure from the group on January 22.
  • As a result of the agency dissolvement, all remaining talents will go independent with their previous branding intact. Moreover, its official TsunDream Discord server will also remain as part of the agency’s legacy.
  • The remaining talents–Amiya Aranha, Tsurugi Nen, Tetsuya Kazune, Chikafuji Lisa, and Uzuki Tomoya–have all released their separate statements announcing their transition as independent VTubers.

The agency, based in Los Angeles, California, was first founded in April 2020. It started off with its Generation 0 members consisting of Kamiko Kana, Inukai Purin, and Hoshino Charlotte.

Tsunderia has been the past subject of scrutiny within the VTubing community following the graduation of multiple talents from the agency in April 2022. Its former talents, Nini Yuuna, Miori Celesta, Orla Gan Ceann, and Matsuro Meru all went on to become independent VTubers.

Timeline of Events

Here is a recap of what has happened over the past few days leading to the dissolution:

  • January 19: Rei and Myst steps down from staff positions
  • January 22: Inukai Purin continues as an independent VTuber
  • January 25: Tsunderia as an agency is dissolved, remaining talents will continue as independent VTubers