VTuber Music Recap: Fifth Issue

Our last hurrah for 2022, before we move to the next chapter!

Welcome to the fifth edition of VTuber NewsDrop’s “Music Recap”, where we are literally listing down what remains of some of the best original songs and covers from the wider VTubing community for the year 2022.

Hololive Releases

As part of the holo*27 project launched by Hololive and Japanese musician DECO*27, the track Poison Apple was released, featuring Hatsune Miku and HoloX member Sakamata Chloe.

Other original Hololive music releases include:

  • A music video for Nezumi Scheme by Mori Calliope featuring FAKE TYPE, as part of her album Sinderella.
  • My Happy Transmission by Hoschimachi Suisei, as part of her upcoming album Specter.
  • Perisai Jitu by Hololive Indonesia’s Moona Hoshinova, her first full Indonesian original song. It was composed by popular Indonesian music producer Ari Renaldi and local musician Donne Maula.
  • Alibi Bunny by Usada Pekora.

Some Hololive song covers released include:

  • LiSa’s Oath Sign, as performed by IRyS and Tokino Sora.
  • mihimaru GT’s Holoro, as performed by Kureiji Ollie, Anya Melfissa, and Pavolia Reine.
  • A rendition of the well-known Holy Night song in Toradora, as performed by Ouro Kronii and Hakos Baelz.

Nijisanji Releases

Following their debut, the newest Nijisanji unit XSOLEIL composed of Zaion LanZa, Doppio Dropscythe, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, and Ver Vermillion–have released their debut song titled Hold It Down.

Other original songs include:

We have also a ton of song covers released:

Latest VTuber Original Songs

RealCorpVT’s Xander Fangsworth has released an original song titled Sad Boy December, which was originally a song he composed in his real-life persona.

However, he later reveals in a Twitter thread that said song was refused to be supported, citing his real-life label opposing the song’s theme to what he is known for. Nevertheless, this is such a bop, and you can listen to it below.

Other original songs in the VTubing community include Whale Taylor’s first original and English track Catch You Later, and Bebas! by AKA Virtual’s Airi Cordelia.

Agency-Affiliated Song Covers

We start off this list with a powerhouse cover of Daddy, Daddy Do! from the hit anime series Kaguya-sama: Love is War, and as performed by Production Kawaii’s Oceane Otoishi!

Here are other VTuber song covers:

  • AuroraLiveVR’s Serafina just keeps on delivering: she has released covers of Kanaria’s MIRA, Bebe Rexha’s Break My Heart Myself, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, ONER’s Lord, and Marian Hill’s Got It featuring fellow member Neki. Meanwhile, Seira Wynn sang a Spanish version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch’s Beautiful Wish.
  • MyHolo TV’s Liola Lightbringer with two covers: Sakamoto Maaya’s CLEAR, and Snow Halation but with its own unique twist…
  • Some releases from AKA Virtual talents: Sam Smith’s Unholy as performed by Kiraboshi Miya, and Ado’s New Genesis as performed by Kichi and Gema.
  • Amber Glow song covers include Meltberry’s Upgrade Shop performed by Misaki Nobunaga and Castlevania’s Symphony of the Night performed by Vallini Laudo.
  • VSinger group DAYBREAK released their group cover of Giga’s Ready Steady, and its member Raian Valerius singing a cover of Back Number’s Heroine.
  • The debut song cover’s from Idol Corp’s E-Sekai generation. They include Ado’s Usseewa performed by Juna Unagi, Mitchie M’s Viva Happy performed by Pochi Wanmaru, Yorushika’s Say It by Yuko Yurei, and Kana Hanazawa’s Renai Circulation performed by Fuyo Cloverfield.
  • A wagakki cover of Renai Circulation by Production Kawaii’s Amano Nene and Charlotte Suzu. Meanwhile, fellow member Lua Asuka did a cover of n-buna’s Meryu.
  • Other covers in the community include V:BLOOM’s rendition of ILUNA’s Let’s Get It Started, Tatsuro Yamashita’s Ride on Time by ShirayuriPro’s Yoro Yoro, fripSide’s Only My Railgun by WACTOR’s Mireille Kuuma, Shinra Bansho’s Unconscious Requiem by Nakama Virtual’s Felin, DECO*27’s Stickybug by Project Kavvaii’s Mikazuki Mai, Hoshimachi Suisei’s Ghost by VReverie’s Ophelia Midnight, Nano’s Savior of Song by Tsunderia’s Uzuki Tomoya and AkioAIR’s Athena Nightingale, Yuuri’s Dry Flower by Phase Connect’s Himemiya Rie, and Hiroyuki Sawano’s Cage by AkioAIR’s Athena Nightingale.

Group VTuber Song Covers

  • VShojo released a group cover of DECO*27’s Zombies, while Project F released a cover of Happy Halloween by Junky.
  • Check out these multi-lingual covers of Fukase and Kagamine Len’s Windfall Dance and Chang-Gero Sonic’s Applause to our Life.
  • A cover of Femme Fatale by VTubers Shirayuki Mishiro, Yuzuki Choco, and Shirayuki Tomoe.
  • A cover of Porter Robinson’s Everything Goes On featuring AruVN, Rpr, Shoto, Natsumiii, and Riguruma.

Independent VTuber Song Covers

And that’s our backlog from 2022! We’re taking another week of time off, as we announce a new name for the VTuber Music Recap! Stay tuned to our next announcement!