VTuber Music Recap: Fourth Issue

The latest set of original VTuber songs, plus a list of recently published cover songs!

After weeks of inactivity, VTuber NewsDrop is back with the fourth issue of the ‘VTuber Music Recap’ series! If you haven’t checked out our past music recap series, feel free to check out our past issues here.

For this edition, we’ll be focusing on original songs released by other agencies within the VTubing space, as well as a large chunk of both original and song cover releases in the indie VTuber space. We will feature more music in the next edition of this series.

Without further ado, here’s our fourth issue for all of the VTuber music lovers out there:

Original Songs of Agency VTubers

We start off this list with this original song from Eirin from Projekt Nova titled “Deathwish”. The slow beats, the angst, the revengeful love theme…what can’t you love about this? This truly deserves the top of this list.

Meanwhile, we are finally getting a second original song from Elaine of the Filipino VTuber company KoMETA. Titled “Nakaukit”-which translates to “Engraved”-the song is a sure throwback to those 2000s Filipino love songs, with a dash of modern pop elements.

  • We are also getting an original song from Love-chan titled “Embrace”.
  • Following the debut of Idol Corp’s E-Sekai generation, one of its members Rin Penrose has released her very own original song on debut titled “Golden Age”.
  • Another original, this time from Mirai Akari and the song “Mirai Voyage”, used as the official theme song for the TV program Anime no Uta!

Indie VTuber Music Releases

We come over to all of the music releases within the indie VTubing community!

First off, we have an original song from former VTuber and full-time music producer Moon Jelly. As a parting gift, she released the song “Journey”. This is such an emotional parting gift, and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer in the future.

Meanwhile, indie VTuber Moeri released an original song titled “Cotton Candy”. Such an apt name to such a heart-warming song.

  • Asano Ruri of the Japanese VTuber duo Asano Sisters has released her new original song titled “Shidden Issen”.
  • You can check out this full-on album by ENVTuber Maruyama Yuki titled “The Haunt of Maruyama Yuki

And now, we go over to a wide array of song covers from the indie VTubing community!

  • Miori Celesta has released three covers to date: Ethyria’s “God Sees All, Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” produced by Project Epsilon, and Kikuo’s “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me”.
  • Metal music VSinger Futakuchi Mana has released three covers namely Ado’s “Tot Musica”, Yuyoyuppe’s “Datte”, and Paramore’s “Ignorance” featuring Planya.
  • Our favorite crow indie Isaa released two covers: JVKE’s “Golden Hour” and Natori’s “Overdose”.
  • We’ve got three covers as well from AmaLee–the Monarch herself: “New Genesis”, “Tot Musica”, and “Backlight”-all songs used in the One Piece: RED Film. All covers are in English.
  • Wisteria has released two covers: MikitoP’s “E S P R” and Sōtaisei Riron’s “Theory of Relativity”.
  • Sellena, a fellow ‘Chaian’ VTuber, also released her own cover of Picon’s “I wanted to dance in your pulse”.
  • We noticed two indie VTubers doing their own take of Kanaria’s Yoidore Shirazu: Utano Pandora and Taketa Michihiro
  • Meanwhile, here are some covers in the Japanese VTuber space: “SURPRISE-DRIVE” by Tomari Mari and Love-chan, “Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia” by Saikawa Hayuri.
  • Here’s a cover of Adele’s “Hello”, as performed by Whale Taylor.
  • LaeDee, the other news VTuber on ‘Things VTubers Say’, has released a cover of Black Gryph0n & Baasik’s “Insane”.
  • Europa Yuu from the independent VTuber collective Atelier Live, has released a cover of Niki’s “Dependent
  • Shystarfall has released a cover of Panic! At The Disco’s “House of Memories”.
  • Here is Noriboshi Arielle’s take on Nana Asteria’s “Darkest Before Dawn
  • Check out this warming cover of Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under” by Planya.
  • ...or maybe fancy a cover of Melody’s “Lost Frequencies”, performed by Bazeele?
  • Other covers include Yorushika’s “That’s Why I Gave Up On Music” by Zenith, Ren’s “Downer Witch” by Reiny, Kafu’s “Phony” by Kaiyo, and Ayase’s “Ghost City Tokyo” by Niten Shura.
  • Check out this group collab on Livetune’s “Tell Your World”, as sung by Aura Cephei, Amaiami, Neru Furiko, Ciel Valkyrie, and Beedrops.

And there you have it—our fourth installment of the VTuber Music Recap! Stay tuned for the next edition!

Photo: Sellena, Moeri, Rin Penrose of Idol-EN, Elaine of KoMETA Virtual Live / NewsDrop composite