VTuber Music Recap: Second Issue

From Hololive to indie, check out our second edition of the VTuber Music Recap.

Welcome to the second issue of NewsDrop’s VTuber Music Recap. So far, this is the largest of our music recaps to date, as we are seeing more and more music releases from the wider VTubing community. Not just from large agencies, but also middle-range agencies and independent VTubers.

This second issue is also special because it celebrates not just the talents of the VTubing community, but rather the wide range of music genres on this list. In short, there is always music for everyone.

Hololive Releases

We begin this round-up with another big update from Mori Calliope herself. She has announced her newest album titled “Sinderella”. Check out our recent reporting on Calliope’s newest project.

Mori Calliope Releases New Album ‘Sinderella’ Under Universal Music Deal
Hololive English’s Mori Calliope has released her first major album ‘Sinderella’ under her recording deal with Universal Music Japan.

Following that, we turn over to Takanashi Kiara and her latest single “DO U”, following her other single “Fever Night”. The dance-worthy single now boasts over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. You can check out the music video, the first time featuring Kiara’s 3D model in all of its glory, here:

Next, we get the single “Non-Fiction”, the third single for the entirety of the Hololive Myth unit of Hololive English. Their two other singles are “Myth or Treat” and “Journey Like a Thousand Years”.

Also, did we mention that Mori Calliope and Tsunomaki Watame, two of Hololive’s rapper VTubers, have collaborated in a new single called “Reaper vs. Sheep”?

Check out as well these other music releases from other Hololive members:

  • Kapueine Addiction” by Mel Yozora
  • KONKON Beats” by Shirakumi Fubuki
  • Last Sparkle” and “Compass” by HOLOSTARS
  • A cover of kikuo’s “Aishite Aishite Aishite” as performed by Hololive Indonesia’s Vestia Zeta
  • A cover of Goose House’s “Hikaru Nara” by "Tokoyami Towa, Roboco-san, Mel Yozora, Takane Lui, and Sakamata Chloe. The song is known as the first opening song of the anime Your Lie in April.

Nijisanji Releases

We did not expect to see a lot of music releases from Nijisanji, but it’s a welcoming surprise for sure.

Topping this list is the debut single of Rosemi Lovelock’s “ROSE ME”. Some very idolish melodies here, and we love it.

Next, we got a group single titled “Hurrah!”, performed by Mito Tsukino, Sasaki Saku, Kuzuha, Lize Helesta, Sara Hoshikawa, Fuwa Minato, and Axia Krone.

Also, some special mention to our favorite ojousan VTuber: Hyakumentabara Salome. She has released her very first song cover, a rendition of Teekyu’s "MeniMeni ManiMani". Very desuwa indeed!

Other song covers released within Nijisanji include:

  • WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY!’s “Niccori^^ Survey Team Theme”, performed by Higuchi Kaede, Touya Kenmochi, Fushimi Gaku, and Mito Tsukino.
  • ReoNa’s “ANIMA”, performed by Aster Arcadia. This is their first song cover since their debut.
  • Kairiki Bear’s “BUG”, performed by Ryushen.
  • TOKOTOKO’s “Booo!”, performed by Ange Katrina.
  • Ayase’s “Love Letter”, performed by Reimu Endou.
  • Lost Note’s “Setsuni Trip” by Millie Parfait
  • A world version of the Nijisanji ‘anthem’ “Virtual to Live”, as performed by the ETHYRIA unit in celebration of their one year anniversary.

Other Agency’s Music Releases

For this new music recap, we are astounded by the large variety of music projects from other VTubers affiliated with VTuber agencies.

Topping of this list is an original song by PRISM Project’s Shiki Miyoshino titled “Seasons”. The song is produced by Lone Alpha, who produces music for other VTubers like Miori Celesta.

Meanwhile, we get an amplifying song cover of K/DA’s “The Baddest”, as performed by Production Kawaii’s third generation, also known as the “Enchantasia”. They are composed of talents Aletta Sky, Peony Aeria, Sava Safari, Oceane Otoishi, and Miryu Kotofuji.

We are also getting an English/Japanese cover of the popular song “Best Friend” by Danish pop group Toy-Box. The cover is performed by MyHoloTV’s Liliana Vampaia and MAHA5’s Zen Gunawan.

Lastly, while September is certainly over, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a cover of “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. And what better way to hear it than an acapella version, as performed by AkioAIR’s Athena Nightingale.

Check out these other song covers from the wider agency-affiliated VTubing community:

  • Wowaka’s “Unknown Mother Goose” and Iori Kanzaki’s “Ano Natsu ga Houwa Suru.”, performed by VERSE’s Sera Alba.
  • A metal cover of YaboiMatoi’s “We Are Japanese Goblin”, performed by Production Kawaii’s Nene Amano.
  • A Midwest emo cover of Hoshimachi Suisei’s “Stellar Stellar”, performed by Tsunderia’s Chikafuji Lisa.
  • CHRYSALIS’s “Song of Perdition”, performed by PRISM Project’s Nia Suzune. The track is one of the many songs on the game Honkai Impact.
  • Tsukimi and KAFU’s “Phony”, performed by ALTERLY’s Rhea Ageha.
  • TAEYEON’s “Fine”, performed by YashinLive’s Maddie.
  • A cover of “4 O’ Clock” by BTS members R and VM, as performed by Re:Memories’ Chloe Pawapua and independent VTuber Asbel Albarea.
  • An Indonesian cover of “Portrait of the Pirate F”, performed by MetanoiaLIVE’s Karissa Sharlotte, indie VTubers Amarynn and Astral, and now graduated VTuber Aozora Kurumi from Project Kavvaii.
  • A fun cover of “Ochame Kinou” by the Filipino VTuber collective VKrazzy.

Indie VTuber Music Releases

Surprisingly, for this music recap, we have tallied a lot of music releases from the wider indie community and heard the diverse genres of these music tracks.

Topping off our list is a slow and chill original song from indie VTuber Isa (@isavtuber), with the track “Raindrop”, produced alongside Flanger Moose. Personally, keeping this on loop and getting those ‘crying in the club’ vibes. She also just released two more covers: Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habits” and Charlie Puth’s “Loser”.

We also get to hear an original song from now-independent VTuber Yuna Sunaga called “Pavlov Crush”. This original track is such a delight to hear, mixing and experimenting pop tunes and then moving to more metal track lines.

Over at the Japanese side, we get a music video for SIRO’s “Brawl Rock” original song, Check it out below:

Meanwhile, we get to hear a new cover banger from virtual singer Futakuchi Mana, a rendition of Spirit Box’s “Circle With Me”. For us, it’s another great cover from Mana herself. For her, it was just another Monday.

Also, we get to hear a very great cover of Maroon 5’s “Sugar”, as performed by Japanese VTuber Whale Taylor. For those out in the loop, Taylor is the VTuber identity of rock utaite producer Megatera Zero.

Check out these other music projects from other indie VTubers:

Just to end this list, you could also check these playlists: one by DJ Kizuna AI, and a new remix playlist from Hololive, that aggregates some of the best Hololive remixes out there.

You have finally reached the end of our second VTuber Music Recap, and we hope to inform you of the latest music releases within the wider community. See you all next time.

Featured Image: isavtuber, Takanashi Kiara, Mori Calliope, Shiki Miyoshino, Futakuchi Mana