VTuber Music Recap: Third Issue

Surprisingly, we’ve recorded an astounding amount of music projects over the past few weeks, which further showcases the diverse talent of the community.

It’s been almost three weeks since we wrote the second issue of the VTuber Music Recap, and we return with more astounding music projects from the wider VTubing community through this new piece.

Surprisingly, we’ve recorded an astounding amount of music projects over the past few days, which further showcases the diverse talent of the community.

We have recorded so much for the past few days that we decided to split the whole recap into two new entries. If you haven’t seen an entry this time, don’t worry: it might appear on our fourth edition, so please keep an eye on it!

In case you have missed our previous VTuber Music Recap issues, you can check them out here.

Hololive Music Releases

We kick off this list with the official release of “I’m Greedy”, a new original track from Mori Calliope, produced by Japanese rapper and music producer JP THE WAVY. The song is one of the many songs on Calliope’s upcoming album “Sinderella”, to be released on December 16.

We are also getting an original song release from our favorite comet idol Hoshimachi Suisei. The track is titled “Shakunetsu Nite Junjou (wii-wii-woo)” and comes after Suisei just recently came back from her month-long hiatus where she had a throat surgery.

Also, how could we forget this group collab by Mori Calliope, Hoshimachi Suisei, Tokino Sora, IRyS, and AZKi on a cover of “Ifuudoudou by Umetora? Considered by many as one of the well-known lewd-centric Vocaloid songs, fans are joking about how Yagoo feels with the cover.

Check out these other music projects from Hololive:

  • A new original song from IRyS titled “Moment of my Life
  • Kanaria’s “Queen”, performed by Hakos Baelz and Nanashi Mumei. Murasaki Shion also did a cover of the same song.
  • Natori’s “Overdose”, performed by Holostars’ Rikka.
  • DECO*27’s “Zombies”, performed by Kureiji Ollie.
  • Syudou’s “Cute Girlfriend”, performed by Ceres Fauna.
  • KIRA’s “4BLOOD”, performed by Takanashi Kiara.
  • Acid Black Cherry’s “Black Cherry”, performed by Axel Syrios.
  • BAD∞END∞NIGHT” by Hitoshizuku and Yama, performed by multiple Hololive English and Hololive Indonesia members.
  • Mitchie M’s “Ohedo Julia Night” by Hololive Indonesia’s Kureiji Ollie and Holostars’ Hanasaki Miyabi.

Nijisanji Music Releases

Starting this list is the first-ever original song from VirtuaReal’s Nox. Titled “For All Time”. According to her, she composed the song in celebration of the Chinese otome game of the same name.

We also get an original song from Dola, titled ‘Red Ruler’. Check it out:

Lastly, we are also getting an original song from Ren Zotto titled “Amplify”. Finally, an electronic original track from a VTuber, and it lives up to its name!

Other Nijisanji music projects include:

  • A final cover from Miyu Ottavia, the song “Tipsy” by Wanuka.
  • All Project’s “Seisyoujo Ryouiki” by Hyakumentabara Salome
  • Dai’s “Dear You” by Enna Alouette
  • GIGA’s “CH4NGE” by Sara Hoshikawa
  • Aikatsu’s “Glass Doll” by Maria Marionette
  • Coldrain’s “Mayday” by Ike Eveland and Hayato Kagami
  • A solo version of ILUNA’s “Let’s Get It Started” by Ren Zotto
  • A cover of the Indonesian novelty song “Berak Tak Cebok” was performed by Xia Ekavira and Taka Radjiman. And yes, listen to this without context: it’s worth it.

VShojo Music Releases

Kson, who joined VShojo in July this year, has released her first-ever original song called “Your Dreams Never End”. The song was released after she did her 3D live concert as part of her one-year anniversary.

Check out these two other VShojo music releases:

Agency Feature: PRISM Project

We are dedicating a separate agency-centric section for PRISM Project, one of the VTuber groups under Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

This list spotlights talent Rita Kamishiro who–among other VTubers–created an album dedicated to all of the openings of the anime Bleach. It should be noted that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime series is airing this year.

The song cover tracklist includes:

Pina Pengin has also released an original song titled “Arigatou ~Thank You~”. Check it out:

Other music covers PRISM Project talents have released include:

Other Agency VTuber Music Releases

Following the debut of the MyHolo TV’s “TRIDOXA” unit, the group released an original song titled “Our Brand New World”. Check it out:

Their new talents have also released their own song covers as well:

  • Yuuri’s “Dry Flower”, performed by Liola Lightbrighter
  • emon(Tes.)’s “Shake It!”, performed by Karrot Keromi
  • Kavinsky’s “Nightcall”, performed by Woozie Wannai

Meanwhile, Kawa Entertainment’s talents have released original songs:

  • Line of Sight” by Kota Kotonya
  • Starlight” by PiaPi UFO

Check out these other agency VTuber music releases:

  • Kanaria’s “Queen” performed by Maddie and Kenshi Yonezu’s “Kick Back”, performed by Karlobster, both are talents from YashinLive.
  • Some updates from Phase Connect: a cover of DECO*27’s “Stickybug” performed by Himemiya Rie, and Hitoshizuku and Yama’s “BAD∞END∞NIGHT”, performed by the Phase OriginS unit, composed of Rinkou Ashelia, Utatane Nasa, Pipkin Pippa, Tenma Maemi, Hakushika Iori, Fujikura Uruka, and Shisui Michiru.
  • Giga&KIRA’s “Getcha”, performed by V&U’s Penelope Wiseman and Liora Walkyria.
  • David Podsiadlo’s “Let You Down”, performed by Polygon Project’s Hoku
  • Kanaria’s “Queen” performed by Re:Memories’ Cecilia Lieberia
  • George Benson’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”, performed by Production Kawaii’s Oceane Otoishi

With so many VTuber music updates still on our backlog, we are splitting this issue into two parts. Our fourth recap will feature more VTuber agency music releases, as well as from the wider indie VTubing community.

As always, stay tuned!