VTuber Scene Mentioned in Revised Cool Japan Strategy

Cabinet report cites the value of VTuber and Vocaloid fan communities in the contribution of the country's Music/Live Entertainment growth

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has been informed briefly of the revised Cool Japan strategy by its Cabinet Office's Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Tuesday, June 4.

NHK World Japan reports the new strategy focuses on expanding the spread of anime, food and other aspects of Japanese culture overseas in a bid to generate more than 50 trillion yen (US$320 billion) by 2033.

Agence France Presse in a syndicated report mentions that the VTuber phenomena – according to the cabinet report – is also helping to boost Japan's international soft power.

In What Way the VTuber Scene Was Mentioned?

The broad categories in the study presented during the cabinet meeting are Games, Anime, Manga, Live-Action Media and Music/Live Entertainment.

We understand that the revised strategy puts VTubers as contributors to the Music/Live Entertainment segment, specifically related to digital works.

VTuber and Vocaloid fan communities were cited as examples for the phenomenon of having derivative works of its own derivative works.

Said study observes that although Japan is late to ride on trends involving streaming distribution, anime and its tie-up music are seen as an increasing trend, as hit anime songs are attracting fans with the effective use of social media.

Suggestions to Leverage the Observed Trend

The document suggests that there is a need to properly understand the structural changes which are occuring due to the digitalization and globalization of the industry, adapt business models accordingly, review business practices and collaborate with creators.

Japan has a music digitization rate of 52.5% according to information from the Cabinet Office's Council on New Form of Capitalism Realization released April 17, falling behind China (100%) and the US (87.1%).

The study also recognizes the importance of clarifying the needs of the Music/Live Entertainment industry, if there's a demand for skilled creators, business producers or talent adept at using the latest technology such as visual effects (VFX) and virtual reality (VR).

Japan's Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters established in March 2003 oversees the Cool Japan initiative to further strengthen ties between Japan and other countries in areas of economics, culture and diplomacy.

Source: Prime Minister's Office