VTubers Everywhere as Streamer Awards 2023 Shortlist Revealed, Voting Opens

VTubers were nominated in five categories at The Streamer Awards 2023, with virtual stars recognised in the broader streaming space.

VTubers have been nominated for numerous categories for the first time at the Streamer Awards 2023, with virtual stars breaking free from the single “Best VTuber” award to infiltrate others.

Of course, the cream of the crop were recognised in the aforementioned category. Ironmouse and Veibae had repeat nominations after both being recognised in 2022, but it was the year’s two breakout Twitch stars ⁠— Shoto and Shylily ⁠— who took the other two spots.

Shoto and Shylily are household names in the VTubing space now, with both having crested 1 million followers on Twitch. They started last year with 50,000 and 10,000 followers respectively.

Shoto is the first male VTuber to be nominated for the Best VTuber award across the major shows (the Streamer Awards and YouTube’s Streamys).

Shylily went from 10,000 to 1 million followers in a year on Twitch, and has been recognised for that at The Streamer Awards 2023.

Ironmouse also had the honor of being nominated in numerous categories: She’s also in contention for Best Just Chatting Streamer alongside PayMoneyWubby, YourRAGE, and HasanAbi.

“Nominated for Best VTuber and Best Just Chatting what the,” she said on Twitter. “Proud to see VTubers nominated in other categories!

“This is crazy, I am honoured. I never really have had the confidence to want something or believe in myself. But I'm changing that today.”

Her agency, VShojo, is in the running for Best Content Organisation. And despite missing out on Best VTuber, the Apex-addicted Froot had her exploits recognised with a Best Battle Royale Streamer nomination.

Two VTuber-adjacent artists were also nominated for Best Art Streamer: Dya Rikku from VYUGEN is the big nod following the group’s rapid growth in 2022, while NeonBeat, Veibae's model artist among others, got recognised.

“This is already a huge achievement,” DyaRikku said on Twitter. “Thank you so so much everyone.”

No VTuber made the list for Streamer of the Year, with Kai Cenat, Jerma, HasanAbi, and xQc duking it out for the top gong.

Voting for The Streamer Awards 2023 is now live, and will close on March 4, 2023. The winners will be revealed on March 11, 2023.