WACTOR Adds Three Male Talents, Announces Spanish VTuber Auditions

Japan-based VTuber agency WACTOR has announced two new male talents as part of its WACTOR Boys unit, namely Vyse Yagami, Leo Valentino, and Ayato Galilei. The new additions follow after the agency opened its male VTuber auditions in May this year.

The recent announcements from WACTOR also include the recent graduation announcement of Pal Sumeragi, as her contract ends by the end of October.

WACTOR has also officially opened auditions for its first generation of Spanish-speaking VTubers. The agency requires that the applicants must be 18 years of age, can speak Spanish fluently, and are able to stream at least five times a week for a year. WACTOR has also stated that there are no requirements as to where the talent is from. More information on this can be found in the agency’s audition page.

WACTOR is founded by Akira Oishi, who currently serves as its CEO. The agency caters to Japanese, Chinese and Spanish-speaking audiences online. At the moment, it has seven talents namely Hizuki Miu, Mitsurugi Lia, Hina Misora, Rurine Luna, Inumaki Himari, Saohime Yue, Shinonome Ito, Himea D'Almaria, Kuuma Mireille, and Lea.