Wactor Announces Lia Mitsurugi's Departure, Reorganizes Branches

The agency has also served a legal notice against its former talent Hina Misora, and plans to take legal action against slanderers

VTuber agency Wactor has released four separate updates on its website today, February 28:

  • Announcement of Lia Mitsurugi's departure from the agency to become an independent VTuber,
  • Restructuring of Wactor's VTuber groups into segments,
  • Serving of legal notice against former talent Hina Misora, and
  • Report of action to be taken against four individuals who slandered the agency and damaged its credibility.

Lia Mitsurugi Becomes an Independent VTuber

Wactor has announced that first-generation talent Lia Mitsurugi will depart from the company and continue as an independent VTuber.

Following this, Lia sent a message to all her fans on Twitter, reflecting on her three-year career at the agency and thanking the staff for their support:

She assures her fans that they can continue to support her with peace of mind.

Wactor Restructures Its Branches with New Names

Wactor will divide its members into the following groups starting this March and commit to focus in line with the policies of each project under this new structure:

  • Music Project: META-MUSIC
  • eSports Project: VV-GAMERS
  • Spanish-speaking Project: E-Stella
  • English-speaking project: noVas
  • Chinese-speaking Project: 星辰计划 (Star Project)

A letter has been posted at WACTOR's website, as well as the Twitter account of its former talent Hina Misora, which is a legal notice exposing the name behind the said talent and her Civil ID number. The said letter will not be directly linked in this story for privacy reasons.

Wactor's last announcement is regarding plan to take action against four individuals who slandered them, with one address identified and partially concealed to the public.

The said announcement will also not be directly linked in this story for privacy reasons.

The agency plans to make formal claims before local lawyers in the country specified in the report in the near future. They also plan to legally pursue, where appropriate, those who repeatedly defame them and their members.

A few days before the release of the said announcements, Wactor has also declared the closure of its NicoNico Channel effective April 24 at 5pm Japan time.

Wactor's website is down as of 7:30pm PST.

Banner Photo: Jan Huber on Unsplash