Weekly NewsDrop #26—March 25, 2023

What a busy week indeed: Here are the latest stories from the VTubing community, plus a recap of what's going on with the platforms they use.

It's Spring, which means there's a Steam Sale right now... are you, perhaps, buying new games this week? Also, Japan wins the World Baseball Classic Championship, a moment being discussed even by Japanese VTubers like Merun Morino.

We've got a lot of stories as this week ends, so let's get started.

Latest on NewsDrop

  • Thank you, 774inc... and hello, Nanashiinku! The new name for the unified VTuber group takes effect this week. You should check out their Minecraft marathon marking the transition.
  • Mirai Akari, one of the big names in the early days of VTubing, is set to retire next week. Here's what we understand.
  • Kizuna AI Inc. has revealed its last project under the hello, world series: Engi-Monogatari, a media mix between YouTube and Webtoons. More details are yet to be revealed soon.
  • Holo*27 albums were the most-downloaded albums during the Hololive Super Expo / 4th Fes. weekend.
Philippines: We'll be at ONLive, the country's first VTuber fan event, happening on April 22 at Upper Box Events place at Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City. Stay tuned to NewsDrop for further updates.

Biggest VTuber News of the Week

Japan: Nijisanji's Gundou Mirei is suspended indefinitely due to tweets which were not ok with Japan's die-hard baseball fans, in light of the country's win in the World Baseball Classic. This matter is eventually picked up by Mainichi Shimbun's Sponichi Annex website.

  • Also in Japan: Hololive's Hoshimachi Suisei celebrates her birthday through a live concert stream with guest RAISE A SUILEN and surprise presents for her viewers, including a (spoiler alert) 2023 version of Next Color Planet.
  • Don't miss these two Nijisanji collabs between Rindou Mikoto and Kotoka Torahime, as well as Kazaki Morinaka and Meloco Kyoran.
  • Sony's Mocopi released a quick behind-the-scenes video from Zepp Haneda featuring Hibana Momose, Rurufu Hizuki and Yosumi, demonstrating its use in a concert setting.
  • Hololive Super Expo: One week after the major historic Hololive event held in Japan, we look back at the feature story on Real Sound (Japanese): "This event started on the thought that we wanted everyone to really feel that the talents are real."*
  • Trading Card Games: Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, Moona Hoshinova and Takanashi Kiara are selected as ambassadors for the 15th anniversary of WeißSchwarz.
  • Visual Novels: Welcome Kokuri-san ASMR VN featuring VTuber Kurune Kokuri is now available worldwide this weekend.
  • Indonesia: As we are keeping tabs on the upcoming return of Digikagi's Astra Aelia, MAHA5 issued an apology for its behavior which was deemed troublesome as it teases its upcoming generation.

* Hat tip to Eli Gorei for his assistance in helping us understand the story

In Other News

We move on from Hololive Super Expo and 4th Fes., two events which made another mark in VTuber history with its interactions with fans plus the great performances by the talents themselves. We even gathered what we think are the best moments in a short video you can watch on our Tiktok or Twitter.

(Somehow) Outside VTubing: Speaking of Tiktok and Twitter, they've been facing a lot of hard stuff now.

  • The latest is that around 30 Tiktok creators held a press conference, voicing out their concerns over a possible ban of the app in the U.S. Byt he way, videos of the committee hearing are all over the place, you can't not avoid stumbling upon one.
  • While we are monitoring Super Expo and 4th Fes., there are several reports of tweets missing (even Nijisanji's Ike Eveland is getting annoyed), tweets inaccessible in select countries (which requires you to use VPN—something FalseEyeD already did); as well as account access which Sakura Miko is facing at the moment; or Moona Hoshinova trying to change her profile photo.
  • No wonder the chad Minato Aqua refuses to subscribe to Twitter Blue—her reason? As translated by Yura, "A badge you can get just by paying is money is no good! [...] A badge you can just buy has no value! I want to be recognized as the real deal!" I kneel.
  • How about Twitch? They now have a new CEO and his name's Dan Clancy. His first update on the company's blog? Saying goodbye to 400 employees, which he describes as a difficult decision. The streaming service is affected by its parent Amazon's layoffs, Dexerto tweets.
  • Today on Stream's Zach Bussey spots updates on Twitch's advertising website with new information, which lists two new first-party tracking products.

Back to VTubers, we have been informed of the abrupt end of YFU Baby's Rising Signs project "Due to both complications outside of our control and ongoing internal issues." We are also informed of her last stream as YFU this weekend.

  • VRoyale: Hackerling from Group 1 is the champion for the Mario Kart tournament, followed by BuffPup (2nd place) and Regis Altare (3rd).
  • California: Last week was Anime Impulse San Diego featuring Luxiem, with Ike Eveland given a surprise visit by the English voice actress for Persona 5's Futaba, Erica Lindbeck. Also, Phase-Connect (especially Pipkin Pippa) made its presence there.
  • Texas: ILUNA is set to appear at Weebcon on the weekend of April 8-9. Said event will also host 20+ other VTubers from the independent scene.
  • Atlanta, GA: Momocon is set to host Holostars English's Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, Josuiji Shinri, Hololive English's Nanashi Mumei and Ouro Kronii.
  • VShojo: Banzoin Hakka is the next guest on Ironmouse's talk show Speak of the Devil set to be live late afternoon. Speaking of the tungsten rat, she continues to have her spot in Streams Charts' ranking of the most-viewed Twitch streamers released this week.
  • Canada: MyHolo TV talents Liola Lightbringer, Lunaris Urufi, Woozie Wannai and Karrot Keromi are set to appear at Series AI's Cyber Sakura 2023 next month.
  • Vietnam: AniAni Festival #3 is also happening this weekend, and Merryweather's joining the guest list!
  • Singapore: Hololive x Aniplus Cafe SG collaboration is extended up to April 13.
  • Indonesia: Digikagi hosts its Ngajikagi streams starting March 22 for viewers observing the holy month of Ramadan. Related: Mamah Moona returns for another season.
  • Thailand: Aisha is set to appear at Multicos #5 x VMExpo at the Central Chiangmai Airport next week.
  • China: Nijisanji EN gets another collab in China, this time it's with IPSTAR Cafe in Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou.
  • Mythic Talent: New talents signed to the creator agency include RPR, Sinder, Milkywayz, and Miyune.
  • La Lion: Get Shishiro Botan to review your PC setup. She's collecting PC pics for review.
  • Stream Breaks: Manika Kuramu (2 months, to return May 31), Stella Manami, Pochi Wanmaru (to return next week), Nasu Matsuri aka Peen (to return March 30), Akai Haato, Verudemi,
  • More Graduations: Lida Pelagia (March 26)
  • Agency Departures: Xion de Noir, MyHolo TV Manager T-San, Ouma Kirara and Kurumizawa Momo, YandereLive's Kaeri Aracne.



  • Lucid Multimedia opens auditions
  • RealCorp is looking for video editors with experience in making Music Videos, highlights and short clips.
  • AuroraLiveVR 极光社 is looking for a staff member who can manage 2 music-focused units.

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