Weekly NewsDrop #34—May 20, 2023

This week's key word is transparency. In an industry that relies on statements and public announcements to formulate discussion, the VTubing scene must reflect on what the reality says, and not those hidden in the nooks and crannies of the Internet.

This week's key word is transparency. In an industry that relies on statements and public announcements to formulate discussion, the VTubing scene must reflect on what the reality says, and not those hidden in the nooks and crannies of the Internet.

In an age of "trust me bro" sources tainting the reality of what actually happens behind the scenes of popular VTubers, fans must seek the truth not from unverifiable linkages but those who can attest to the legitimacy of such information.

Allow my colleague Jay to sum the state of VTubing information: "Anyone who claims to have certain [information] are the ones making the noise." It's up to the discerning audience to determine if the info checks out and form their thought about it.

With every Weekly we drop, we always reflect on how each story is impactful and worth knowing by the readers. Let's get this started.

Latest on NewsDrop

  • Following a widespread criticism from the community regarding a replacement on the talent behind KoMETA flagship VTuber Elaine, the agency has clarified its stance regarding the announcement. Learn more about our reporting further in this article.
  • Analysis: With Google backpedaling certain provisions on its inactive account policy, we explained why this policy matters, and how will it affect the VTubing industry.
  • AnotherBall, the new entertainment venture of former PRISM Project CEO Shunsuke Oyu, has raised US$2.2 million in funding, as well as detailing its VTuber project "IZUMO".
  • On the latest "Behind The Model" with Ducky, he interviews VTuber Haneko who narrates how the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away influenced them to do VTuber rigging, as well as Minty Yukime and her trans experience.
  • In partnership with Nawala Karsa, here's the English event report for the recently concluded Comic Frontier 16 in Indonesia.
  • AnyMind Group, one of the biggest B2C marketing companies in Asia-Pacific, has finally dipped its hands into the VTubing industry with the Terametaru Gakuen project, alongside Japanese media subsidiary GROVE.
  • And finally, the third edition of our MusicDrop is here!

Here is your weekly VTuber Stock Update for May 18, 2023, Friday:

We are welcoming the entry of two new companies in the Key Players watchlist: AnyMind Group (Terametaru Gakuen) and Mobcast Group (X-Verse's MT Project in collaboration with TOM's Racing).

Biggest VTuber News of the Week

NewsDrop recently released a comprehensive look into the events during the graduation of KoMETA's Elaine, and how fan criticism has lead to the agency clearing up its stance on the announcement. In our exclusive article, VTuber NewsDrop also spoke with CEO GIRA to learn more about the agency's stance:

What Should We Learn from Elaine’s Graduation?
Announcements were made, and fans got deeply upset, to the point that KoMETA Virtual Live backtracks from their initial plans following Elaine’s graduation. What can we learn from this?

Henya The Genius, the newest addition to VShojo, has officially debuted last May 14.

  • Henya becomes the third member of VShojo Japan, following Kson and Nazuna Amemiya.
  • You can check out a short message from Henya herself below:

This might have been overlooked lately, but Nijisanji is dealing with yet another blow: its talent Asahina Akane is graduating this May 24.

  • According to the official announcement, Akane's graduation was brought by her decision to focus on her studies.
  • With that in mind, Akane will be also leaving the music unit Nornis, which was formed alongside Machita Chima and Inui Toko.
  • Akane's graduation is the latest blow to Nijisanji's operations, following a slew of scheduled graduations from four key members of Nijisanji Indonesia.

An ongoing trend that we have seen in the industry are the rise of talent management agencies signing in VTubers as part of their roster.

  • GeeXPlus, the Tokyo-based talent management agency popular for handling creators such as the Trash Taste trio (Joey the Anime Man, Gigguk, CDawgVA) and Sydsnap; has signed in popular indie VTuber OniGiri as part of their roster: a first for the company.
  • In its continuing 'wave' of talent signings, Mythic Talent has also added Silvervale to its roster, a week after Nyanners also joined. This comes weeks after the two parted ways with VShojo.

In Other News

  • Hololive's Hakos Baelz is continuing her quest to introduce the infamous Vegemite spread across her Hololive peers. This time, it's with the CEO YAGOO himself, alongside A-chan.
  • Speaking of YAGOO, he's been interviewed by Business Insider Japan to discuss the future of the VTubing industry.
  • Phase Connect has teased its new wave of "Phase Invaders" namely Dizzy Dokuro, Jelly Hoshiumi, and Ember Amane.
  • Thailand's V-Festa is expanding its convention presence to the upcoming Natsu GO:ISAN event.
  • Popular gifting platform Throne has announced that VShojo is an official partner agency of the company.
  • Mirai Dream has announced that its talents Himitsu Kana, Nieves, and Einira have parted ways with the agency to become indies.
  • VirtueLight has announced that it will be dissolving the company by June 15 this year, two years after the agency was established. All of its talent will henceforth continue their journey as indies.
  • Popular Indonesian cosplayer Larissa Rochefort has officially unveiled her own VTuber model, made possible in partnership with AMD and HP.
  • Ever wondered which PRISM Project are you? Take this quiz made by Iku Hoshifuri herself!
  • Nijisanji's ROF-MAO unit (Kagami Hayato, Kenmochi Toya, Fuwa Minato, and Kaida Haru) has announced a brand campaign collaboration with Google Japan.
  • Hololive Indonesia officially makes its audition page permanent, mirroring the same thing for its Hololive English counterpart.
  • EDMS, the electronic music channel handled by VTuber KoroVT, has been hacked. Efforts to recover the channel continue as of this moment.
  • Invitations for a massive Fall Guys tournament has been opened for both the Malaysian and Singaporean VTuber communities. The tourney is set this July 29.
  • The latest guest for Takanashi Kiara's HoloTalk is Tokoyami Towa.
  • Idol Corp has released another teaser for its upcoming second generation of idolEN. Moreover, CEO Aviel Basin has announced that it is now registered in the United States as a corporation.
  • Opera GX has finally announced that it has now sent out invitations to those they have preferred to be the talent behind its first VTuber GX Aura.
  • Vyspire has announced that it is halting the debut of its third and fourth VTuber waves due to delays on their end.
  • Farhan Sarasin, the Indonesian music producer known for producing popular Hololive tracks such as Gawr Gura's Reflect, has been interviewed by Geeks Re:Connect to learn more of his music production journey.
  • Hololive has released a three-pronged guideline for its supporters: 'Support' them, 'Watch Over' them, 'Respect' them.
  • Dasu joins 7Seas as its newest member.
  • Layna Lazar has been named one of the award presenters at the upcoming Horror Game Awards 2023.
  • Up-and-coming VTuber-centric streaming platform VStream has announced that the second wave of affiliated streamers will be announced on May 22.
  • Bryan Veloso has announced that he is no longer affiliated with VShojo as its vice president of product and design. According to his LinkedIn, he was with the company for eight months.
  • The latest Developer Update from VRChat has announced that creators in their space may have the potential to earn from their content done in the platform.
  • Hololive's Yukihana Lamy has announced that her new Favorite Model sake collaboration with Meiri Shurui has also won a bronze model at the International Wine Challenge 2023 under the 'Sake Category'.
  • Elsyium Delivery Services, a fan project by the TEMPUS Project server, has released a lengthy apology regarding its latest initiative, which some fans have found to be offensive.
  • Nomad Productions has announced the return of its #NomadSeriesAPEX tourney, which will be held on June 24.
  • Diablo IV has worked alongside VTubers Yozora, Vivi, and Clio Aite for the game's promotion.

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