Weekly NewsDrop #37—June 11, 2023

The latest on CONQuest, Twitch and New Debuts!

CONQuest 2023 has concluded—you already know what happened by now. Visitors, artists, and guests have one common thought about the festival which happened in the Philippines: It bit more than what it can chew.

Our two-part VTuber-related coverage talks about what happened inside, and what are the reactions of its guest VTubers after they got back to their homes.

CONQuest 2023 Event Report
All the happenings at the biggest event this Summer—from a VTuber-adjacent perspective: The first part of our CONQuest 2023 coverage.
CONQuest 2023, According to its VTuber Guests
Days after CONQuest 2023, people are still talking about it—especially the guest VTubers. Let’s read their feedback.

Also last week, Twitch has been letting its loyal creators down by making amendments to its guidelines related to sponsor branding.

  • The aim was to dispel third-party ad networks from trying to enter the platform, but the communication was so wrong, it led others to try platforms such as Kick.
  • Ted's analysis was made over the past few days, and he had to update it first as the story develops.
Analysis: How Twitch’s New Branded Guidelines Further Hurts Streamers
With Twitch going back and forth with its branded guidelines, what does this mean for creators like VTubers?

Lastly, four new VTubers have debuted this weekend: PRISM Polaris, the male duo of Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro; and Crystalis, the duo of Abi Kadabura and Serina Maiko from Brave Group's new V4Mirai division. (More Debuts: Akiru Nobu, Omocat)

PRISM Project Debuts 6th Generation Talents
Welcome the project’s first male talents—Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro!
Brave Group Announces First English Project ‘V4Mirai’
This marks Brave Group’s expansion into the United States and its first foray to the English-speaking community.

Idol EN has also announced its second generation talents, Endless, featuring Roca Rourin, Poko Rakun, Kai Saikota, Momo Otako, and Coni Confetti.

Latest on NewsDrop

  • MAHA5's Zen Gunawan to graduate on June 30, as the project has decided to close off the VTuber IP.
  • Roza Coatl departs from Lucid Multimedia as a talent as she goes independent—both her and management are on amenable terms, and she continues to work with Lucid for future merch releases.
  • On the Spotlight: Isaa, who recently had her re-debut, shares her music journey.

Here's the latest stock market update of key #VTuber players as of Friday, June 09:

In Other News

  • EIEN Project releases a detailed statement regarding its former talent Riifu Evergreen, who was terminated due to multiple breaches in the NDA and Talent Contract. We understood that this started with a Steam account and ended in a letter from Riifu's lawyer, which cannot be summed up in a short manner.
  • Username Dilemma: It's not just on Discord that VTubers are having problems registering their names—Vienna tried to register at the EA App only to find out that the word "VTuber" is prohibited.
  • AI Copyright Protection for Japanese Artists: Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Cabinet Office released a statement regarding rules and regulations against commercial AI use with criminal penalties, and protecting existing copyright and intellectual property rights for the works of artists and creators. Illustrator and concept artist Maijin shares his take on Twitter: "In my opinion, THIS move marks a potential turning point in the fight against copyright infringement by AI."
  • Henya the Genius and Ayatsuno Yuni are among the most-watched female Twitch streamers for May 2023, says Streams Charts.
  • Brave Group claims that its character Finity of Valuence Infinites is the first VTuber to have performed a proper head spin on video.
  • ClaN Entertainment partners with Wactor.
  • Leaflit introduces the first VTuber-branded holsters.
  • Also: Milky joins Leaflit for Naraka: Bladepoint's Inferno Clash.
  • Novel Horizons teases upcoming figures for Nanoless, Projekt Melody and Saruei among others.
  • Voice actress Kotori Koiwai challenges AZKi to a game of GeoGuessr.
  • Last year, Kson and GIGO Akihabara had a crane game toy collab. this week, another collab has launched this time with Amemiya Nazuna, and it also includes taiyaki. Also, Kson sake is here!
  • We understand that Taiwan's Spring Fish Studio has accepted investments from Kapok International and angel investors.
  • Obkatiekat's heavy metal album has a brief review on MetalSucks: "The seven-track album is nothing to be scoffed at, being a technically sound and hard-hitting effort, while also prying open new boundaries on who or what the musician is that is attributed to the music, which is on par for the challenging nature of anime-inspired metal."
  • Summer Game Fest is ongoing—there are more announcements coming up, so make sure to catch up first.
  • Emote app 7TV now integrates with Kick.
  • VTuber Network's Yam Koumori shares comparisons between YouTube and Twitch—whether you consider yourself small, medium or large in following.
  • VRChat: Black Clover Exhibition and Black Bulls Hideout are live now.
  • Music: Ryushen signs with Universal Music Japan; and is tapped by Japanese football club Vegalta Sendai for its support song this year.
  • Worldwide MikoPs are all set to put Sakura Miko to Times Square, as it completes its funding drive.
  • Angelina Kumalo concludes her donothon, raising $1,780.04.


OffKai Expo is coming this weekend—and we're excited! The VTuber convention is back with more guests, and NewsDrop will cover the event remotely, with reports from our founding partner Kawa Entertainment.

  • OshiLive teams up with V&U to escort featured guests at the event.
  • OffKai Live 2023 topbilled by Ironmouse, Riro Ron, Chikafuji Lisa, Nina Saotome, Isla Coleman, Eirene and Jelly Hoshiumi.

There are other event appearances coming up, such as:

Stream Breaks / Graduations



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