Tokyo Game Show 2023 VTuber Updates + More

Tokyo Game Show, Lola Loading saga, plus what will happen with the newsletter moving forward? This is Issue #52, completing a year of VTuber news recaps.

It's been a year since the Weekly NewsDrop was first published, and over the course of 52 weeks (that's one year), we have challenged ourselves to deliver the most important stories for our audience and the community in general.

Tokyo Game Show 2023

We shall talk about the future of the Newsletter at the end of this post; but first, let's talk about this weekend's Tokyo Game Show, attended by visitors, VTubers such as PiaPi UFO, and content creators in general:

More news coming your way after this—

Latest on NewsDrop

On the Spotlight: HEYU's RE:NEGADE Generation

Brand New Company's HEYU brings a breath of fresh air to the Philippines' VTuber scene through its first generation, RE:NEGADE. The virtual band spoke to NewsDrop about their stories and how they came to be.

On this week's Behind The Model—Syafire

“I've been wanting to find a way to connect with people and show people that I am more than just a tutorial person and how can I share the next level of creativity with the world, whether that's like an animated film, a manga, working on music videos.”

VTuber Stocks Update

Here is the latest stock market update for select VTuber companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange as of September 22, 2023.

In Other News

  • LOLA Loading Saga: The talent behind Lola shared her side of the story to TVS—she documented her terrible experience working with Taiyaki Studios. Following the exposé, she turned to Discord to share more details to her fans.
  • ASMR: 17 of Vox Akuma's streams will be taken off YouTube as his Gamer BF ASMR stream received a community guideline strike, the NIJISANJI EN star shares to his community.
  • Thailand: Pixela's Hinabe Hongfei, Laguna Juju and Melita X are set to graduate soon. Their graduation announcement follows that of SINFIESTA's Uesaka Yoko and Yuexin.
  • Also in Thailand, at Thailand Comic Con: Hololive's Takane Lui and Koseki Bijou appeared on stage for a panel, which was welcomed by hundreds of fans.
  • Illustrator and VTuber Shigure Ui now has reached 1 million YouTube subscribers following the release of her latest song Loli God Requiem.
  • PRISM Project's Meno Ibuki raised $2,356 for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW, also known for its iconic It's Time to Say Goodbye commercial) as part of the organization's Animal Month.
  • Collabs Galore: ReGLOSS goes head-to-head with holoX, while NIJISANJI EN's Luxiem and Noctyx got together for an offline collab.
  • Hololive's Akai Haato asks fans to wait for her return in a video message done in English and Japanese: "I look forward to the day when I can return to Hololive...". Haachama was hospitalized after the 4th Fes. concert.
  • Clip: La+ Darkness explains why she's leaving YouTube and moving to stream on Twitch instead.
  • Taledo asks: "What VTUBER opinion would have you like this?"
  • Vexoria's Chicken Ice Cream post made its way to the latest X commercial. Congrats!

More Graduations

Important Announcement

  • In order for NewsDrop to produce helpful content, we are shifting away from producing weekly news recaps, and move to producing sporadic, longform pieces—some of which will be shared to NewsDrop subscribers.
  • As we finish producing VTuber news recaps for one year since the launch of Weekly NewsDrop, we thank everyone for the support and trust given to us.
  • We will still be reachable through our webform, @vtubernewsdrop on X, or email via news [at] for news tips, suggestions and feedback.
  • tl;dr—We'll still send you newsletters but it will be on a sporadic basis.

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