Weekly NewsDrop #7—Week 43

Two VTuber Groups Gone—CodeMiko and VShojo Talents Nominated for Streamys—Enna Alouette and Vox Akuma on the Spotlight, and more from Last Week

Welcome back to the Weekly NewsDrop. This edition was written after I went to the returning Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) in the Philippines. Thailand Comic Con also happened on the same weekend.

  • At ESGS, the PHVT Collective, FAAC and 8THiR3AL Projekt (say Ethereal) set up their merch booths, facing a five-figure visitor reach. The PHVT booth sells various merch from several VTubers, while FAAC and 8THiR3AL share one shell.
  • We have not yet started writing this newsletter when we were told of the sad news that Vera Vee's merch drop in collaboration with Kawa Entertainment (which also hosts NewsDrop) is cancelled. Kawa announced that the cancellation was "mutually decided," and refunds have already been sent to all affected customers.
  • With only two days before the month ends, various VTubers from all sides are celebrating the Halloween season. We have not yet made a tracklist of all activities related to the occasion, but we sure need to have a separate post about it.

The Latest on NewsDrop

Kawa presents another merch drop—this time, with Otakemaru Bubs! Get your keychain or get The Warlord Pack on merch.kawa.moe now!

Two VTuber Groups Gone

Still here in Manila: Philippine-based group Luxion was left with no manager, no boss, and no Twitter identity, following an incident of poor VTuber relations and handling.

  • This led to Luxion's second generation VTubers leaving the group as a whole—days after they debuted under it. Here's what one of the members Aoife Cleon (say Eefa) has to say following their departure:
"We're just going indie—for now—and we're still going to move as a group. We agreed on that, we're not gonna leave each other, we'll be here for each other; but for now, we will be indie VTubers and we do not plan on joining any company, group or agency for now."
  • It's not just Astria who's leaving—Tokwa Rokwa from the group's first-generation Etthalia has left as well.
  • Capping this matter off, Luxion's manager Yukii left the post apologizing for the mess to parties involved.

Surprisingly: We mentioned earlier that the Kawa x Vera Vee merch drop is cancelled—and around 11 hours after that, Aetheria Project has announced its dissolvement. What was then known as CyberLive is no more.

  • Their Twitter, which is now locked, just say these words: "Thank you and goodbye!" With the dissolvement of Aetheria, the talents under it will be VTubing independently.

CodeMiko, VShojo Talents Nominated for Streamys

  • First Time: The annual Streamy Awards for YouTubers has included VTubers for this year's nominations, with CodeMiko, VShojo's Ironmouse, Veibae, Nyatasha Nyanners and Zentreya on the list.

The thing is...: Fans have easily noticed the lack of any major agency VTuber from Japan—as our favorite rabbit Pipkin Pippa said best: "Looking at how many nominations are in the other categories, would it not have been possible to add more people to this list?"

Zentreya submits withdrawal: Speaking of Pippa's tweet, Zentreya has submitted her withdrawal from nominations, "so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine."

Who's actually behind the Streamys: Tubefilter (a trade publication for the creator economy) and Dick Clark Productions (DCP, who also produces the Golden Globe Awards and New Year's Rockin' Eve) are responsible for the annual awards.

  • The Hollywood Reporter in August 2022 reports that DCP joined TubeFilter to produce the show.
  • Apparently, their second show in 2010 was a mess—so bad that they needed help—which made the third show more professional, according to LA Weekly's Stephanie Carrie.

Enna Alouette and Vox Akuma are on the Spotlight Last Week

Last Week's Top Story is from Nijisanji EN. We are treading this story with caution.

Trigger Warning—Cultural insensitivity: Enna Alouette has apologized for her "insensitive and ignorant comment on a certain stereotype."

  • Her Nijisanji EN colleague Kyo Kaneko explains the matter to her during and after their recent Clubhouse Games stream.
  • She understands she said hurtful words and commits to do better through her actions. She has postponed her scheduled streams for the rest of the week after that.

Mental Wellness Awareness: Vox Akuma revealed his diagnosis on Twitter, and his kindred listened very well when he streamed live.

  • A lot of kindred who saw the stream have shared their stories on Twitter, which makes for a worthwhile read. Each of them shares their struggles and welcome Vox into the club.

In Other News...

In the interest of time—especially that we have released this edition out of schedule—here are some of the stories we curated altogether:


Merch and Collaborations

  • Manga Planet and Futekiya collaborates with Fulgur Ovid.
  • Shirogane Noel collaborates with Gyu-Kaku restaurant.
  • Nishizono Chigusa and Petra Gurin's hoodies will become official merch.


  • Several YouTube live channels are using Alban Knox's name and stream title, which is already frustrating him.
  • Will the Opera GX browser push further with their VTuber idea?
  • Nem held a talk at the Japan Internet Governance Forum.
  • VTubeStudio asks users to make sure both the app and its VSeeFace fix are up to date following a bug that crashes the program or not updating.

Creator Research

  • Adobe has released their study regarding "Monetization in the Creator Economy," which shows that content "monetizers across all activities are earning at least 6 times the US minimum wage" ($7.25/hr).
  • Patreon also released their study with creators regarding algorithms: "Nearly three quarters of creators (73%) say they don’t like that algorithms affect the work they put out."

VTuber Health

  • Just before she gets to meet her overseas fans in-person, Kson contracts COVID-19.
  • KoMETA's Miria has contracted COVID-19.
  • Millie Parfait reviews the hospital she stayed in: "Nurse care ⭐ (I expected something like anime style, was disappointed)."

Milestones, Events and New Looks

We cap off the newsletter by sending our condolences to Malaysian VTuber supporter Aote Riuki. May she rest in peace.

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