Weekly NewsDrop #12—Week 48

Sony's Mocopi Mobile Tracking Device, Live2D Cubism 5 Alpha Coming This Spring 2023, and Haruka Karibu Joins VShojo

We continue to keep abreast of the latest VTuber news on NewsDrop this week—at the same time, we continue tracking how many times we had to delay posting.

We understood that we've got plenty of news from last week, and we thank you for your patience as we sift through last week's biggest stories you need to know.

The Latest on NewsDrop

Inside Kawa: Talent applications will end December 5. Around 2,000 have already submitted theirs.

The agency also released videos on its YouTube channel—the VTuber 101 panel held at Nishi Fest, and the highlights of the recent talent collab stream.

Koziichu hosted her own model gacha stream where she changes her model every 5 minutes, and Xion is working on a huge song cover collab. 

Sony's Mocopi Mobile Tracking Device

Japanese tech giant Sony has announced the release of ‘mocopi’, its newest mobile motion capture product. It uses six physical sensors in total, and a dedicated smartphone app to capture real-time motion into motion data and/or a movable avatar.

  • The product is listed at ¥49,500 (~US$358.00), with pre-order starting in mid-December this year.
  • Mocopi is set to be released by late January next year.
Photo: Sony (Japan) on YouTube

Live2D Cubism 5 Alpha Coming This Spring 2023

Live2D Cubism tool for 2D rigging will have a new version coming up next year, with an alpha version in both English and Japanese to be released next Spring.

Notable key features to be expected in the next version of Cubism software include:

  • Dark Mode UI option
  • Support for High DPI displays
  • Palette docking for multiple displays
  • Improvements to the physics settings dialog for better visibility and operability
  • Native support for Apple M1 and M2 and more
Photo: Live2D on YouTube

Haruka Karibu Joins VShojo

VShojo's 2nd year anniversary stream brought the whole gang—and following that, a new member in the roster. Haruka Karibu is the latest to join the US-based agency known for its "talent-first" policy.

  • "Today was the most happiest days of my life," the Canadian caribou VTuber expressed on Twitter following her VShojo debut stream.
  • Haruka released a new outfit, which was playfully described in her most unique way—by and with herself.
  • Her debut merch is available until December 24, which includes a t-shirt, hoodie, sticker sheet, keychain and a group poster.
  • Prior to her VShojo debut, Haruka has participated in several collabs with its members, including Projekt Melody and Kson.
Photo: @HarukaKaribu on Twitter
Check out the Nominees for the first Kawa Game Awards!

In Other News...

  • FalseEyeD reports that Kson talked about not being able to collaborate with Nijisanji members during an ARK stream
  • Yuki Astrea is on COVID watch
  • Twitch releases a customizable Shield Mode for streamers to help curb harassment on stream
  • Japan Railways Tokai to bring Virtual Nagoya station at Virtual Market 2022 Winter
  • Indonesian group Insignia:Reality dissolves. (Twitter thread)
  • Nuxanor gets livid after YouTube gave him a community guidelines strike
  • UPROAR!!'s Yatogami Fuma and Utsugi Uyu takes over Nittele VTuber News
  • CyberStep has announced Welcome Kokuri-san featuring VTuber Kurune Kokuri, set to be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, BOOTH and DLsite, iOS and Android in Winter 2023
  • Clip Studio Paint rolls back its generative AI feature after user demand
  • Amber Glow debuts new member Mumu
  • Vexoria is 2022 GameHers Awards' Charity Streamer of the Year awardee
  • Kotori Koiwai's Kotoneiro label releases new ASMR audio track featuring VTuber Miyamazaka Suimi
  • YouTube debuts its "Like and Describe" podcast hosted by MatPat—featuring Hololive Engish's Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope and CEO YAGOO
  • Hololive and DECO*27 collaborates for new "holo27" music project
  • Hololive announces its 2023 Expo and 4th festival "Our Bright Parade" on March 18 to 29 at Makuhari Messe
  • Anya Melfissa hosts "12 Hours of Fun" stream, with featured games such as Pokemon Violet, The Sims 4, Gartic Phone among others
  • Zach Bussey reports that Discord has launched Server Subscriptions "with a 90% split for creators."
  • Hive Social shuts down its app due to security issues
  • Pepsi is now spreading the Pilk agenda with Lindsay Lohan—Vox Akuma calls Lohan 'based' for spreading the word
  • Comfy VTuber Azuma Lim announces that circumstances that interfered with her activities have been resolved, closing a dark chapter in her career
  • MyHolo TV's Liliana Vampaia and Virion Kisei will grace Comic Fiesta 2022
  • Streams Charts' Most Watched Female Twitch Channels for November 2022 list Froot (2nd) and Shylily (10th)


  • VirtuaReal's Seiya has graduated November 29
  • Nijisanji talent Axia Krone from its Eden-gumi unit has graduated
  • Yashin Live has dissolved, with all talents going independent
  • Teddy reports YumePercent will be officially dissolved by December 11, citing lack of operational support and manpower


Open Auditions, Job Posts and Pro Tips

  • COVER Corp continues its campaign inviting fresh graduates to join its fold. (Japanese)
  • Mori Calliope looks for someone who can make clips.
  • Reina Sun looks for a video editor.
  • Onigiri seeks artists for upcoming merch projects.
  • Amber Glow opens auditions for its 3rd Generation VTubers.
  • Mino Mieko timestamps her 6-hour stream, which can be beneficial for those who want to follow her steps as an indie VTuber.
  • Get creative in changing your art mesh with T.H.I.C.C.

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