WrestleTuber 2024 Gathers 29 VTubers for a Weekend of Wrestling Madness

Dokibird's most ambitious project happens on the weekend of May 25-26

A major collaboration among VTubers will happen on the last weekend of May, as independent VTuber Dokibird hosts WrestleTuber 2024 on YouTube on the weekend of May 25-26, pitting 29 VTubers against each other.

GamerSupps sponsors this major endeavor, which the VTuber remarks as the most ambitious project she has ever planned.

Participating VTubers will be creating their characters in WWE 2K24 under a set of guidelines. While they won't be controlling their in-game characters during matches, they will be present during interviews. Same goes with the broadcast staff.

Among the 29 VTubers participating in this weekend event, 7 are from HOLOSTARS English, 4 from idolEN, 2 from Phase Connect, and 9 other independent VTubers. VShojo's Zentreya and 6 former PRISM Project members will also join the fray.

Match brackets are also shown to the audience, with HOLOSTARS English's Gavis Bettel fighting against his other self.

Promos done by participating VTubers are already showing up online, presenting themselves and taunting their opponent in true wrestling fashion.

Dokibird says a real physical belt will be given to the winners of the showmatches and tournament.

Joining Dokibird in the casters' roster are HOLOSTARS English's Octavio and Goldbullet, as well as independent VTubers Snuffy and Filian.

Cy Yu stands as the show's announcer while idolEN's Juna Unagi will be on standby as the show's interviewer. Show starts at 4:00pm PDT.