After Hololive EN 3D Debuts, YAGOO Promises More "Motion Capture" Content

With Hololive English's 3D debuts ongoing, YAGOO is wishing for more high-quality productions and collaborations across branches.

Hololive English’s 3D debuts were arguably the most awaited event in the branch’s history. While the original five in Myth (plus Council and Project HOPE's IRyS too) have appeared in 3D forms, they weren’t in the same full-blown production—outside of a couple of concerts.

However, they have finally broken the curse and gotten the relay underway, with proper 3D streaming debuts taking place across the start of 2023.

With COVID-19 putting a hold to big plans for the English branch for more than two years, the floodgates are starting to open—and Hololive wants to keep the opportunities flowing.

“We would love the opportunity in the future where the Japanese studios are able to work with Hololive English talents and create more motion capture content,” YAGOO told Anime Trending in an interview. “We would love the chance for these teams to collaborate in the future.”

Hololive EN talents have appeared in 3D before, but the ongoing rally is the official debut.

The comments do date back to Crunchyroll Expo 2022, but they’ve certainly come true in the following months. Most members of Hololive’s overseas branches have descended on Japan to make 3D debuts, get content ready for holoFes later in March, and off-collab in the process.

Each of the 3D debuts for Hololive Myth so far have racked up huge numbers on YouTube:

  • Ninomae Ina’nis led the rally with a mega peak of 63,000 viewers on February 18, according to VStats.
  • Takanashi Kiara reached 36,000 with her debut on February 24, and Mori Calliope registered a 42,000 peak the following day. Combined the three VODs have been watched 1.13 million times at the time this story is posted.
  • Gawr Gura and Amelia Watson are still awaiting their full 3D debuts on March 2 and 3 respectively.

What the future looks like exactly with borders opening remains to be seen, but with this new door opening, Hololive fans can expect even more shenanigans in the 3D realm.