YAGOO Shows Off Summer Dance Moves in Hololive Ondo Music Video

Motoaki Tanigo ‘YAGOO’ has shown off his summer dance moves in the music video for “Hololive Ondo” the second track for the Hololive Summer 2022 event.

The music video was filmed at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, and features YAGOO dancing along with the well-known mascots of Oozora Subaru’s duck, Sakura Miko, and Tokino Sora’s Ankimo. Japanese musical ensemble IOSYS was responsible for the composition, arrangement and lyrics of the song.

Following the music video release, YAGOO posted on Twitter, joking that the reason why he had a serious face during the music video shoot was due to the shoot being scheduled late at night, and had to drop by after his work in the office.

Hololive Summer 2022 has also released another music video for “Tonde K!”. A special celebration held by Hololive since 2019, some of the upcoming events that will happen during this event include outdoor advertising for Hololive Summer in Shinjuki Station featuring Hololive talents in yukata attire, a special web manga video series centered around the summer festivities, among others.