YashinLive to Cease Operations on December 6

All Generation 0 Talents will continue to stream outside of the group as Independent VTubers, concluding the group's operations in good terms.

Filipino VTuber group YashinLive is set to cease operations on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, with a Graduation Stream set for Sunday, December 4 at 2:00pm.

What Will Happen to Each Talent?

All Generation 0 (Universum) talents have their reasons for the mutual decision, as each of their talent contracts (set for 1 year) have concluded:

  • Dasu, Maddie and Lenrach have other projects outside of YashinLive which conflicts with their schedules.
  • Meanwhile, Rezochi and Karlobster expressed their desire to branch out and continue their respective careers.
  • Each talent will continue streaming as Independent VTubers.
  • The decision to conclude each talents' contracts was made "after months of careful and thorough deliberations"

Management was happy to inform everyone that each talent displayed an outstanding behavior by cooperating in their activities and completing scheduled projects and broadcast activities. YashinLive concludes its operation in good terms.

What's Next After YashinLive's Dissolution?

By December 6, YashinLive will be discontinuing projects, staff and talent manager activities as a group:

  • All pending projects will be carried over to each individual talent
  • All intellectual property for existing media projects (such as songs, YashinLive music videos and video reels) will remain the property of YashinLive and Dasu's Stellar Paradigm music label.
  • All existing media projects made under YashinLive will remain public for everyone's viewing.

YashinLive will also re-organizing its social media footprint as well:

  • YashinLive's website and the social media accounts under it (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, group's YouTube) will remain public.
  • Google Forms for collaboration requests and proposals will be closed.
  • YashinLive's Discord will be closed, and fans will be redirected to each talent's Discord community.
  • All talents will no longer bear YashinLive branding following the group's termination.

All talent's merchandise in production will be discontinued, and any remaining merchandise bought as well as on-hold packages (onsite and offline) will still be shipped before or after December 6, whichever comes first.

YashinLive was launched in October 4 last year, founded by professionals, music producers, musicians, and artists/animators alike.

Photo: YashinLive's Universum (Generation 0) Key Visual from May 2022 (Twitter). · Source: YashinLive website