Yume Reality Rebrands as YumeLive

Indonesian VTuber agency announces leadership changes

Indonesian VTuber agency Yume Reality has announced its rebrand effort to YumeLive, according to its recent press release. In addition, long-time chief executive officer Raditya Bagaswara is stepping down from his position, and will be replaced by Ito Goro.

  • The press release didn’t mention the reasons for the rebrand effort, but it did mention that Bagaswara is “moving to other opportunities” as the reason for his CEO resignation.
  • YumeLive promises to its fans that it will be improving its entertainment content and hopes to launch more VTubers in the longer run.
  • The company also added that they hope they can gain the trust of their community back through these changes.

At the moment, YumeLive is left with two talents: Nekoyama Sena and Nemutaka Yuta. Recently, the company teamed up with metaverse company Metanasia to launch a talk show about the metaverse experience, hosted by Sena.

Despite the recent positive changes, YumeLive isn't a stranger to a wave of issues and departures:

  • Cerys Lobelia graduated December 18, 2021, citing personal reasons and difficulty to continue streaming in her situation back then.
  • In the early half of 2022, two first-generation talents also graduated namely Ryuuki Tatsuya (February 2022), and Tsuyu Hortenshia (May 2022).
  • In September 2022, the agency announced the graduation of its entire second generation called “Jolly Jungle.” They were composed of Keroro Suika, Aika Merum and Koguma Keiya.
  • While the graduation was set for September 28, the agency came under fire after a controversy involving its talent Keroro Suika came into light regarding the results of a music cover contest. As a result, the agency terminated her on September 9.

Source: YumeLive Press Release