Nijisanji Star Zaion LanZa Removed After Just 3 Months

Zaion LanZa's departure is Nijisanji EN's second in three months, with the XSOLEIL star being terminated after an indefinite suspension.

Nijisanji has chosen to terminate Zaion LanZa following the star’s indefinite suspension, with the XSOLEIL member moving on from the VTuber agency on March 10.

"Since her debut in December 2022, Zaion LanZa has repeatedly infringed upon the contract and rules Livers must comply to... during her streaming activities," Anycolor said in a statement.

The agency then went on to give a dozen reasons for Zaion's termination after "several discussions... including training about compliance" did not lead to a noted improvement in behavior.

This includes "using a copyrighted song without prior authorization", revealing sensitive information, "offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault", and playing unauthorised and pirated games on stream.

She also reportedly lied to other Nijisanji VTubers about her activities, as well as lied about receiving specific permissions from the agency, and even "falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream".

All of the star’s content will be removed, and her social media channels shut down in light of the notice.

Zaion's XSOLEIL group mates have expressed sadness at the termination.

"We’re sorry we couldn’t stop this from happening," Kotoka Torahime said. "Please do give the members lots of love and time to process this through. Thank you for being here with us. We wouldn’t be here without you."

Zaion was disciplined by Nijisanji on February 8. The agency noted “management warned her several times about compliance issues since debut [and] the situation did not improve.

This included making “false statements during streams” and “insensitive jokes that cannot be tolerated as a Nijisanji Liver.” Off-stream, the agency highlighted “discrepancies between information given to management by Zaion LanZa and her acts.”

She went inactive on all social media platforms for the weeks following, as regular activities continued without the new XSOLEIL star.

The termination notice comes after fans noticed Zaion’s Streamlabs donation page changing at the start of March. People were unable to donate to her, and any identifying information was removed.

She debuted as part of Nijisanji EN's 7th wave XSOLEIL on December 10 last year. At the time of her termination, Zaion had 130,000 YouTube subscribers, 198,000 Twitter followers and 5,300 Twitch followers.