Nominees for 2024 Black VTuber Awards Revealed

Pilot event to give 19 awards in 5 categories, with 55 creators nominated—awarding ceremonies set this June, month-long voting period coming this May

Black VTuber Awards, an independent award show organized by Afaedite, has announced the list of nominees for its pilot event.

A total of 55 creators are nominated across 19 awards arranged into 5 categories: Streamer Awards, Content Awards, Ally Awards, Individual Icon and Benevolent Category.

Afaedite answered several questions regarding the awards in a video posted on her X/Twitter account Sunday, February 25:

The five categories, each described by the award body, has its set of nominees announced on X/Twitter Thursday, April 11:

Streamer Awards

YouTube VTuber

For the best Black VTuber streaming on YouTube.

• AyoTaledo
• StaticTokyo
• NarikoNabi
• AngelCatze

Twitch VTuber

For the best Black VTuber streaming on Twitch.

• SleepyRiRi
• RuuzuuZuzu
• Blazette Midnight
• KishinShinobi

Black VTuber of the Year

The cream of the crop Black VTuber of the year who wows us with their talent and dedication to creating exceptional entertainment.

• TiffanyWitcher
• Uzurimia
• SleepyRiRi
• RuzuuZuzu

Content Category

Absolute Gamer

A Black VTuber of mythical proportions, unstoppable whomever their opponent may be.

• KishinShinobi
• JayJokerz
• NakiVT
• ShiroNailo

Cozy Content

For that Black VTuber that always has a cozy stream, chill games, and a cool chat.

• KeysTomama
• Its_Ulala
• Kwistina
• Hyraldia

Best Artist VTuber

The Best Black VTuber creating content centered around art like animation, graphic design, and more.

• LovMura
• Uzurimia
• TyumaBumit
• Semienigma

Lewd Tuber

For the Black VTuber who helps bring more adult content to their streams.

• MrFoxxHound
• Niyumii
• UnholyVashti
• Dwsunshine

Ally Awards

Guardian Award

For the mods who show up and keep everyone's streams safe and fun

• Z-kingVT
• Savvylittleminx
• Space_Beyonce
• Enbyprincesalem

Best VTuber Parents

Best combined award for an Artist and Rigger who through their combined talents created an outstanding model.

• LovMura (for their work on BlazetteMidnite)
• BlubbrMuffins (for their self-work)
• DdtheWizard (for their work on Circuit)
• Salem (for their work on BaphaVT)

Spectacular Supporter Award

For the always present, always cheering, always supporting member of the community who brings their all to every stream

• Z-kingVT
• FitnessToCosplay
• Lovelyxnya
• AhsandaNovara

Cookout Award

For that person who has supported the Black VTuber community through thick and thin and helped our voices to be heard

• AyoTaledo
• StaticTokyo
• FitnessToCosplay
• Circuit

Individual Icon

Most Congenial Award

For that Black VTuber that makes you feel at home and taken care of through kind words and a welcoming stream.

• KawaiiBrittanii
• BaphaVT
• NamielleSky
• Celestheia

Secret Star Award

A diamond in the rough Black VTuber with less than 100 average viewers who deserves a bit of that spotlight!

• BaphaVT
• ArcticAaliyah
• OsirisManu
• SayuriPastel

Most Unique Design

For the Black VTuber with the most unique and remarkable art design.

• Circuit
• Ora-Opalshine
• MilkytheCowcubus
• MatronObsidian

Breakout Talent

A rising star, this Black VTuber has grown and flourished this year with great promise for the next.

• Succubunneh
• BlazetteMidnight
• DaijobuInumaki
• Circuit

Benevolent Category

Committed Community

For the Black VTuber who has fostered the most energetic and committed community on their streams

• Foodieti
• Arctic Aaliyah
• Yami-Umai
• MalakaiLazuli

Radiant Raider

A Black VTuber who always makes sure to bring their audience of positivity to others.

• MzBunnieArt
• Senpaikiry
• Kwistina
• Osirismaru

Collaboration Queen/King

A Black VTuber who regularly and excellently collaborates with other Vtubers to create top tier streams.

• BaphaVT
• Kanovore
• LilHeauxPeep
• MalakaiLazuli

Charity Champion

A Black VTuber who had an outstanding and positive impact through charitable events or initiatives.

• Tiffany Witcher
• DemiKlo
• BlazetteMidnight
• Foodieti

A month-long voting period will commence this May, and the voting ballot will be posted on its official website, the organizer added.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast on Afaedite's Twitch this Saturday, June 22 at 7:00 pm EST.

More information about the Black VTuber Awards will be shared on its official X/Twitter account.